Ghost of Our Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy locations

By Melany Moncada


Feb 17, 2023

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The house you choose in Hogwarts Legacy has an impact on your gameplay. Some quests are only available for certain houses, while others will have different paths. One of the side quests that are different based on your house in Hogwarts Legacy is Ghost of Our Love.

Ghost of Our Love in Hogwarts Legacy is a side quest that you can start once you have made some progress in the game. You must complete all of the classes and the Trials of Merlin main quest, this is the 13th quest in the main story. You will receive a letter through the Owl Post with details about a side quest. The content of the letter varies based on your Hogwarts house.

Each house gets a different side quest that ultimately leads the player to meet Richard Jackdaw.

Ghost of Our Love map location

There are four quests, one for each house.

Gryffindors go on The Hunt for the Missing Pages quest, which starts just outside of the Great Hall. In this side quest, Nearly Headless Nick will ask for your help getting something from the kitchen in exchange for help finding the missing pages from the book you found.

In the cemetery, you will meet Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore. Once the conversation is over, walk to the grave to the right of the crypt. You will see the Map with Floating Candles.

Slytherin students take the Scrope’s Last Hope quest. Scrope the House Elf is the one offering you help with the book this time. According to Scrope, Apollonia Black’s Grotto possibly holds a clue about the book.

The Grotto is a cave underneath Hogwarts, you must swim to reach it. You will know you’re in the right place when you find the giant red squid on the wall. On the pedestal, place a piece of toast, this offering will reveal a secret area. Here, among other things, you will find the map.

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The starting point for Ravenclaw students is Ollivander’s in Hogsmeade. After talking to Ollivander, go to Owlery. At the top, in the south, you will find the map.

Hufflepuff has it a bit easier, starting the Prisoner of Love quest in their Common Room. Head to Upper Hogsfield and locate the house behind Claire Beaumont’s stall. Standing in front of the door, to your right, is the chest containing the map. This is the side quest that will take Hufflepuff students to Azkaban.

Ghost of Our Love Treasure Location

With the map in your possession, it is time to find the treasure. Keep in mind that it will only be available during the night.

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The first step is going to the Forbidden Forest’s entrance. Head to the stone bridge on the west and use Lumos to navigate this area. Floating candles will start spawning around you, follow the path the candles create into the Forbidden Forest.

At the end of this path, you will find a table for two with candles around it. On the right is a chest. Open it to receive 400 Galleons, a piece of gear, and 180 XP. This is the end of the side quest.


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