GeT_RiGhT and SicK are among the top CSGO free agents

By Nick Johnson


Nov 14, 2019

Reading time: 4 min

There are always players looking for teams, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has names big and small in the scene left riding the bench today.

CSGO’s lack of franchising means that the traditional free agency period found in esports like League of Legends doesn’t exist. Teams and players are free to make moves all year-round. Roster locks, the cutoff date for teams to submit their rosters to tournament organizers, are different for every event. Teams can choose to make a move at any time.

Right now, there are two players that are by far the smartest options available in the CSGO free agent market. One is a decade-plus veteran of CSGO that could immediately improve a team lacking either leadership or experience. The other is a young player that never made the jump to the next tier of CSGO but has the potential to be a solid player if a team takes the time to develop him.

GeT_RiGhT still can help teams despite doubts

Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund is one of Counter-Strike’s most storied players with a career that spans more than a decade. His most famous achievement was the part he played in Ninjas in Pyjamas’s famous 87-0 run at live events, where NiP went undefeated for 87 straight maps from August 2012 to April 2013. GeT_RiGhT left NiP in September 2019 after spending over just over seven years with the organization.

Some believe that GeT_RiGhT’s time in CSGO is over, citing a year’s worth of poor statistics but perhaps failing to see what the veteran could otherwise provide. They believe that all he has left is the name he made for himself over years in the scene and that his current abilities are overrated.

It’s true that GeT_RiGhT has shown a drop in form over the past two years since NiP’s last tournament win at IEM Oakland in 2017, but his veteran presence would be an upgrade to teams who lack a leader. The problem lies in his price tag.

The young teams that could use him will have trouble keeping up with the salary a player like GeT_RiGhT would command, and the teams who could afford to pay it already have a player with similar qualifications. GeT_RiGhT didn’t play well in his first game back after he left NiP as a stand-in in for mousesports, but you can’t expect a player to hop into a team for a single match and perform like the best player in the server.

Despite the stats, GeT_RiGhT could still be one of the best  free agents available in CSGO. If he’s surrounded by capable players, GeT_RiGhT is still a viable choice for a team lacking experience.

SicK has time to become the next Twistzz

Recently released from Complexity during their rebuild, Hunter “SicK” Mims had been one of the rising talents along with his teammate Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken on Misfits Gaming in 2017. The Twistzz and SicK duo was scary to watch while they played under the Misfits banner, both young stars that personally thrived under the leadership of Sean “seangares” Gares. Misfits never made a major impact in the scene, but the team certainly highlighted the young stars’ abilities.

While Twistzz made the jump to Team Liquid, SicK never made it to the top of the CSGO ladder. He spent time on Rogue before Complexity Gaming picked up the growing player. Unfortunately, SicK never made the impact he was capable of on a roster that lacked both the patience to help him develop or a leader like seangares to teach him.

Regardless of his past, SicK is still capable of turning into a solid rifler. What he needs is a team that is willing to put in the time and effort to help him grow his game. His aim is rock solid, but his decision making and patience may still need some work. Those things don’t always come with time, and a solid team leader would do wonders for SicK.

The best part about SicK is that he comes with little risk. He likely wouldn’t be an overly expensive acquisition, so for a middling team that has the patience and willingness to teach, SicK is a perfect fit.

We already know that the talent is there. Complexity cut him because they want to win now, so if a team less driven by a “win now” mentality took the time to develop SicK’s talent, he’s a good option.

Other free agents are out there, including veterans Adam “friberg” Friberg and Rustem “mou” Telepov. These players could still make good options for some teams. That said, friberg has seen little success in his time outside NiP with multiple rosters and mou hasn’t generated any interest since Gambit Esports left in May 2019. Both GeT_RiGhT and SicK are players that will help a team instead of hindering it, and that’s what a good pickup in free agency is all about.