Genshin Impact Jinn Shrine locations, rewards, and more

By Melany Moncada


Jan 23, 2023

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Genshin Impact 3.4 introduced Jinn Shrines, a new destination for any player with a Jinni Bottle. These are scattered across the Desert of Hadramaveth, and there are six in total. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Jinn Shrine in Genshin Impact.

Before you go on hunting the Jinn Shrines, you need your Jinni. In the Desert of Hadramaveth, you will find the Jinni in the Bottle. It is not a traditional Jinni that grants wishes, but it will really useful as you travel through the desert. It can be used to stop vortexes and sandstorms that could be hiding puzzles like the Weathered Obelisks.

You don’t need to give up another gadget to carry it. The Jinn in the Bottle is a gadget that goes in the same slot as a pet.

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To get it, you must advance through The Dirge of Bilqis World quest. On the second step, titled “The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears”, you must make it to Liloupar’s cell. Liloupar is the Jinn that will live inside the bottle and travel with you.

The Jinn that you receive is at a basic level, you must power it up. If you complete all the steps on the Dirge of Bilqis World quest, you will obtain the remaining fragments to power up your Jinn. The Jinn must be at its max before it can stop the storm and vortexes.

Having a maxed-out Jinn will also help you later on as you explore the temples to find two Precious Chests. You must complete both parts of the Dune-Entombed Fecundity quest to reach the required level.

Once you have your powerful Jinn, it will use Jinn’s Might to suppress the storms. Jinn’s Might requires energy, and you can obtain it from the Jinn Shrines.

The shrines are glowing branches that will be marked up on the map as twisted white branches. Approach them to recharge the Jinn’s Might.

What are the Jinn Shrine locations on Genshin Impact?

The Jinn Shrine are located in the Desert of Hadramaveth in the Sumeru region. There are six in total.

The first location is at the Debris of Panjvahe. Going West, as if you were heading to the Sands of Three Canals, you will find two more Jinn Shrines. A fourth can be found southwest of the first location.

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The remaining two are down south. One is between Qusayr Al-Inkhida and the Passage of Gouls, west to the Sands of Al-Azif. The final one is north of Tanit Camps and west of Khaj-Nisut.

At these shrines, you are getting energy for your Jinn, but also a Mysterious Stone Slate. These can be used to unlock two Precious Chests and the Nameless City’s Past achievements.

Collect all six Mysterious Stone Slates and head to the southwest part of Safhe Shatranj where you can find the Precious Chests. Remember, you need all the stones, so make sure to visit the shrines beforehand. The stones are used to open the doors that lead to the Precious Chest.


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