Gekko Valorant Music Video

Gekko’s song “GREATER THAN ONE” is out now

By Nicholas James


Mar 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The brand new Valorant agent revealed at VCT LOCK//IN has had his musical theme released, fans can check out Gekko’s theme “GREATER THAN ONE” now.

Gekko is the latest agent being added to Valorant, a Radiant artist from Los Angeles with three supernatural friends who help him out. Like all the new Valorant agent releases, Gekko has had his own musical theme released in a music video that helps flesh out his story and theme. The song “GREATER THAN ONE” is a collaboration between Valorant’s music team and artist Eric “ericdoa” Lopez.

Gekko’s theme fleshes out agent’s story

Gekko debuted at the VCT//LOCK IN Grand Finals during a show match that preceded Fnatic’s upset victory and unbelievable comeback against LOUD. The new agent summons adorable creatures to help him compete in rounds of Valorant, from Wingman helping him plant the Spike, or Dizzy functioning as a sentient flash grenade.

The new musical theme comes with a video that shows more of Gekko’s life in the near-future version of Earth in which Valorant takes place, or at least one of them. In the video, we see Gekko making his way around the city, en route to rendezvous with somebody at a mural elsewhere in LA.

At the end of the music video, it’s revealed that the person Gekko is rendezvousing with is Reyna, the morally ambiguous Radiant working for the Valorant Protocol. The video shows Reyna taking on what seems to be a mentor-mentee relationship with the latest arrival to the Valorant Protocol, a side to the usually dark and intense character that is rarely seen.

The song plays on Gekko’s Hispanic heritage, tagging in Peurto Rican Ericdoa, as well as giving an upbeat and colorful sound to the character that matches his artistic streak, from graffiti tagging to neon hair.