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Gekko is already an S-tier Valorant agent

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Gekko hasn’t even completed a full month in the Valorant roster, and he’s already dominating the pick rate chart.

Valorant agent 22 had wagged many tongues upon his arrival. A Wingman who can defuse the Spike? Unacceptable. But, his ultimate and flash were less viable, so players let go of the cute sidekick. The downsides to his abilities were plenty, which made up for the overpowered Wingman. However, two weeks in, Gekko is proving to be a menace.

According to the stats, Gekko is one of the most picked agents in Valorant episode 6 act 2. The green-haired initiator is owning the OG cast with his friends. 

Is Gekko too OP?

Gekko is one of the most potent agents in the current Valorant meta thanks to his Wingman and Moshpit. His ultimate isn’t anything special, but players should watch out for the blue paintball and an incendiary that spells instant death. 

Players had anticipated that Gekko would break the game, but the domination has been relatively quick. Just two weeks after his release, Gekko has entered the S-tier with a 50% win rate at a 3.1% pick rate, according to For a new agent, this pick rate is considered high, and the success ratio only adds to the proof of his viability. 

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As a new agent, Gekko has beaten the likes of Chamber, Raze, Jett, and more. However, in the initiator category, he’s the only initiator who warrants a high win rate in Valorant episode 6, which is a shocker for Sova mains. The Russian initiator has been the go-to since Project: A, and this would be the first time players are turning to a newbie instead of Sova. 

While it’s undoubtedly concerning, Gekko’s success also breaks Riot’s new agent curse. Since Chamber, no new agent has been able to find footing in the well-cemented Valorant protocol. From Harbor to Fade, all new additions have been flopping lately. So, it’s refreshing that Riot has finally rolled out an agent that the players love! 

But Gekko could also be disastrous for the meta if Riot doesn’t balance out his kit soon.