Game-breaking Sett bug disables Summoner Spells, hits pro game

Christian Vejvad • June 8, 20:42

The second day of the 2021 LPL Summer Split was hit by a long pause during the deciding game between EDward Gaming and Bilibili Gaming

What was expected to be a quick pause ended up being more than an hour long due to a bug with Sett. The bug ultimately resulted in a complete remake of the match after the usual chrono break procedure didn’t work. This saw the third game between EDG and BLG heavily delayed. EDG came out on top after the game was restarted. 

The bug that caused all the trouble was an interaction with Sett. This exact bug had been trending on social media only a few hours prior to the match after popular YouTuber Vandiril made a video about it. 

The bug essentially disables an opponent’s Summoner Spell if Sett uses his Show Stopper (R) on a target that is charging Hexflash. The interaction seemingly bugs out the opponent’s summoner spell and disables it for the rest of the game. This exact thing happened to EDG support Tian “Meiko” Ye after an attempted dive onto BLG top laner Yu “Biubiu” Lei-Xin, who was playing Sett. 

Shortly after the fight in the bot lane, the game was paused from the side of EDG and ultimately forced the referees to call for a complete remake. The bug occurred 11 minutes into the game when EDG was already starting to build up a solid lead. EDG managed to repeat the feat after the remake and took home the victory. 

The bug has now appeared in one of the biggest competitive leagues in the world, so it’s expected that Riot will look into it and see it removed. The LPL is currently playing on patch 11.11, which means that the bug has been in the game for at least a couple of weeks now. With patch 11.12 being released, players will hope that the bug is gone. 

If the bug stays in the game, it could have further consequences. Not only in professional play, but also in standard solo queue games. Playing without a summoner spell can have a crucial impact on the game, especially if that summoner spell is Flash. 


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