Game-breaking bug with Galio and Camille hits in iG’s LPL match

By Christian Vejvad


Jan 29, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

A game-breaking bug involving Camille and Galio recently occurred in an LPL match between Invictus Gaming and Rogue Warriors. 

Camille and Galio is a classic combo in professional play, as their ultimates synergize very well together. In a match between iG and Rogue Warriors, the combo wasn’t so optimal as the interaction between the two ultimates resulted in a bug. The bug has since then been investigated by players in custom games and it seems like the instance in the LPL wasn’t a one-time thing.  

The bug is pretty simple. When Camille locks down an enemy with her Hextech Ultimatum (R) and Galio uses his ultimate Hero’s Entrance, the enemy inside of the Camille ultimate won’t always get knocked up by Galio. 

This bug was very clear between iG and Rogue Warriors when Rogue Warrior’s top laner Chen “Ziv” Yi and mid laner Deng “Forge” Jie tried to pull off the combo on iG top laner Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok. Only six minutes into the first game of the series, Ziv engaged on TheShy with his Hextech Ultimatum followed up by Forge using his Hero’s Entrance right on top of Camille. 

Without the bug, Forge would land on top of Camille and knock up TheShy, who was trapped inside the Camille ultimate. In this case, the knock-up didn’t affect TheShy, which meant that he could walk away safely. If the bug didn’t occur, it’s very likely that Rogue Warriors would have gotten a kill on TheShy and might have had a better chance at winning the game. 

iG ended up winning the game, followed up by another win right after to take the series 2-0. While this bug only impacted a single kill in the series, it’s still game-breaking and shouldn’t happen in one of the biggest LoL competitions in the world. 

Riot is yet to speak about this bug, but it will likely be fixed very soon.

Which teams participate in the LPL?

The LPL is one of the four major LoL leagues in the world and is currently considered the most competitive of them all. The LPL has a total of 17 teams, which is the most of any professional league in the world. The high number of teams means that the competition for the trophy is tough, and there are several potential contenders. 

The 2021 LPL teams are: 

  • EDward Gaming
  • Bilibili Gaming
  • eStar
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Invictus Gaming
  • JD Gaming
  • LGD Gaming
  • LNG Esports
  • OMG
  • Rare Atom
  • Rogue Warriors
  • RNG
  • Suning
  • Team WE
  • Top Esports
  • TT Gaming
  • Victory Five

What region is LPL?

The LPL is based in China and only consists of Chinese teams. The LPL is hosting some of the best teams in the world, with the 2018 World Championship winners Invictus Gaming and 2019 World Championship winners FunPlus Phoenix. In 2020, the LPL dominance was put to an end after the region didn’t manage to defend the Worlds trophy. The trophy instead went to Damwon Gaming of Korea’s LCK.


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