Game-breaking bug lets Yoru plant the spike while invincible

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 4, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Yoru has turned Valorant players’ dreams of safely planting the Spike into a confusing reality. 

Riot Games may have incorporated modern gameplay elements and futuristic character designs into Valorant, but the classic bomb defusal theme is still at the center of it all. Attackers must plant the Spike before time runs down, and defenders are tasked with defusing it before the Spike explodes. Despite tons of agent abilities, entering a site and planting the package is still a tall order in Valorant. 

A few agents in Valorant can develop a shield around themselves to safely plant the Spike. For example, Viper, KillJoy, and Astra can protect themselves to some extent while setting up the explosive. However, they’re still not invincible. Enemies can always push through and deny the plant. 

A new find shows that Yoru may be able to do what no other Valorant agent can. After the patch 2.06 buff, the duelist can plant the Spike in his ultimate Dimensional Drift. 

To successfully achieve a safe plant, you must pick up the Spike before initiating ultimate. After sliding into another dimension, activate your teleport ability and throw the tether towards the bomb point. Use the tether to move quickly into the site and plant the Spike. Run back into safety and deactivate the ultimate before the charge runs out. 

This simply means that attackers can save their abilities and just send in Yoru to plant the Spike. This makes for a unique wrinkle to Yoru that can lead to some very interesting retake situations.

Yoru’s unintentional buff in Valorant patch 2.06 is going viral

As incredible as this discovery is, players doubt that it was intended as he can’t replicate the same on the defender’s side to defuse the Spike. On the defender’s side, he can only run around and gather information. Moreover, the exploit doesn’t work without equipping the teleport ability, which hints that it’s not really planned but a bug left behind after patch 2.06. 

Regardless, players are excited to try out the new feature in ranked games. This exploit can be really fruitful, especially after the recent buff that lets Yoru activate his ultimate more quickly. With his tactical duelist kit, Yoru can easily bag kills and ask teammates to help him pick orbs, quickly gaining six points to ensure a safe plant after every other round.