G2 Esports’ Rekkles signed to play in LFL with Karmine Corp

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A bomb has dropped in the European League of Legends scene with G2 Esports bot laner Martin “Rekkles” Larsson being sent to the LFL’s Karmine Corp. 

The two-year contract will send Rekkles from the LEC to a European Regional League, a reversal of fortunes that would’ve been unthinkable not long ago. Karmine Corp is the biggest and most popular organization in the LFL and has been the best performer since joining the league in 2021. 

This deal marks the biggest signing in European regional league history. For Rekkles it will seem like a step back career-wise, but for the French league, it will be another huge step in the development of the league which saw incredible viewership during the 2021 summer split. 

What happened to Rekkles?

Rekkles was sent to play with Karmine Corp after an ugly 2021 season with G2 Esports.

When it was announced that Rekkles would move from Fnatic to G2 in November 2020, it was a groundbreaking move that shook the LEC. Because of that, the expectations for G2 Esports were high in 2021 but the team fell well short of its potential. 

G2 finished the 2021 LEC Spring Split in third place, followed up by a fourth-place finish in the summer. This meant that G2 missed out on a ticket to the 2021 World Championship, a far cry from 2019 when G2 won the Mid-Season Invitational and was expected to win Worlds. 

Because of that, it was no surprise when rumors started to circulate that G2 would be making big changes for the 2022 season, starting with replacing the entire coaching staff. Now the time has seemingly come for several of the G2 players, but all eyes will likely be on Rekkles after this surprising move. 

Rekkles will be debuting with Karmine Corp when the first split of the 2022 LFL season kicks off. He will be competing for the French regional trophy and qualification to the EU Masters events.  


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