G2 Caps reaches rank 1 on EUW server

By Nicholas James


Apr 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

G2’s Mid Laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther has reached the heights of the European solo queue, hitting rank one after a subpar playoff run for the organization.

G2 Caps has hit the top rank on the Europe West, or EUW, server in League of Legends ranked play. With the offseason in full swing, as teams prepare for MSI 2023, competition is fierce for the top spot. With a 55% win rate in over 700 games, Caps seemed to have unlocked the secret to high-level success. What can aspiring solo queue stars learn from Caps’ climb, and does it signal anything for the future?

G2 Caps hits rank one on Europe West

Caps’ account is currently called G2 Joker and stands at the very top of the ranked solo queue ladder. The account sits at 1813 LP in Challenger at the time of writing, with 395 wins and 318 losses. He’s unsurprisingly focused on mid-lane but is also playing some top laners as his secondary choices. His top five most-picked champions on this journey are Sylas with 64 games, Jayce with 57, Cassiopeia with 56, Akali with 44, and Tristana with 31. All of these are high-agency champions with the ability to exploit mistakes made by inferior players. Despite disappointing playoffs, the G2 star seems to be unshackled on the rift.

It’s impressive to have as consistent a win rate as Caps does at the highest levels of solo queue, but he’s managing it. Caps prioritize consistent early-game influence and champions who can consistently snowball. Since hitting rank one, Caps has been pulling out interesting options like Nautilus. For those looking for, there are even 12 Kled games to be seen in his climb. If you’re to take anything from Caps’ success, let it be an emphasis on snowballing early gold leads and lane presence


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