Fortnite Team Rumble is set to become a standard game mode

Quentyn Kennemer • July 13, 2019 11:54 pm

Team Rumble isn’t going anywhere.

Epic Games has announced that the game mode is now a permanent part of the Fortnite playlist. Revealing the change on Reddit, Epic developer DustyDevo laid out the company’s plans regarding Team Rumble and other large-team limited-time modes.

“Our new plan is to leave Team Rumble in as a default always on mode, continue rotating small team LTMs every two or three days, and to activate our various large team modes on Fri-Sun,” the post reads. “If the playrates are solid enough for this playlist setup, we will continue this pattern for the foreseeable future.”

Team Rumble has long been an option for casual play in Fortnite, but it regularly rotated in and out of the game mode rotation. Though Team Rumble is here to stay, other limited-time modes will continue to cycle as normal.

The smaller game modes will refresh every two to three days, while large team modes will go live for weekend play between Fridays and Sundays. The new schedule began Friday, July 12 with 50v50 mode first to bat. Epic implied that the timing could change as the company monitors play rates.

Team Rumble pits two teams of 50 against each other, combining Fortnite’s battle royale elements with a team deathmatch ruleset. Players get infinite respawns, but the first side to score 100 eliminations wins.

Though the game mode will now be a more prominent part of the game, it is unlikely to be folded into the Fortnite esports scene.

Epic says it still has work to do on the mode going forward. The primary areas of concern are the timing and size of circle changes. Many feel that the game mode has too much downtime as teams break apart to loot. This results in players refusing to engage until late in the game.

DustyDevo stated that the Fortnite team will tinker with how games progress but stated things will remain as-is for a few weeks. That said, they also suggested that the game will continue to retain its slow start in order to allow players the opportunity to gather weapons and building materials.


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