Fortnite Season 5 leak hints at another new Black Hole event

By Olivia Richman


Nov 22, 2020

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Remember when Fortnite completely disappeared for Epic’s “The End” event? 

Season X didn’t just end. The game was completely taken down as a result. The servers were gone. The website was gone. And the official Fortnite Twitch channel was nothing but a black hole, which many thousands of viewers stared at in anticipation. 

Well, it’s looking like Epic might be planning another Black Hole type of event for Fortnite Season 5. So be prepared. 

Fortnite leaks show a possible blackout event

While many fans feared that Fortnite was gone for good last year, the game was instead reborn. Fortnite Chapter 2 came out with a new map and other new additions to the battle royale after The End. 

Chapter 2 Season 4 focused on Marvel taking over the battle royale. Thor warned Fortnite players before the season began that Galactus was planning to destroy everything Epic had created. The Devourer of Worlds has been hovering in the sky ever since, putting players on edge. The attack will finally take place at the end of Season 4, leading to a cinematic event. 

It’s unclear what will happen after the event concludes. Now it’s looking like Fortnite’s current event will also culminate in a game-changing update, according to some data miners. 

FNLeaksAndInfo tweeted that there might be “some possible downtown” after the battle, resulting in something similar to the Black Hole event. 

“To be continued! In Season 5!” the account exclaimed, seemingly quoting Epic Games. 

It seems as though the “to be continued” text will appear after the in-game Marvel fight is done. But Epic Games has yet to confirm that this is going to take place. 

While game developers haven’t opened up about any future updates, players have already noted that the season is set to end on December 1. That’s the same day as the Marvel event. Last year, the Black Hole event happened on the same day as the end of the chapter, making this seem eerily familiar to Fortnite fans. 

How long is this Fortnite chapter?

A Fortnite season is usually 10 weeks, although previous seasons have been extended for various reasons. Chapter 2 Season 2 was 17 weeks long due to its many delays. 

According to Epic, Chapter 2 Season 4’s Battle Pass runs until November 30. But this is a Monday. Instead, Season 5 is set to begin on December 1. That would make Chapter 2 Season 4 about 14 weeks long, making it longer than the usual 10-week duration. 

What is the Fortnite Season 5 theme? 

It’s not yet known what will lie ahead in Fortnite Season 5. But players are expecting big changes if a major event is going to engulf the battle royale once again.

Players are speculating a possible DC event if the comic giants are inspired by Marvel’s collaboration with Epic. Other popular suggestions include the 80s and prehistoric times, although no themes have been leaked thus far. 

Players are speculating that the Marvel-style action will impact the map, mainly Pleasant Park, which became Doom’s Domain. But nobody knows if the map will be reimagined or just revert to what it was like before the Marvel events took place. 

There’s also a new shotgun in the works. Leakers found a shotgun called the “Dragon Shotgun” in the files. It fires four bullets. It will only come in Epic and Legendary variants. A new jetpack, called “Cosmos” in the files, is also in the works. There’s also a possible “Honey Pot” consumable item. 


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