Fortnite pro Tfue opens up after sudden trip to hospital

Steven Rondina • March 21, 2019 10:42 pm

Turner “Tfue” Tenney has returned to action after a health scare, but he isn’t back to 100 percent just yet.

A day after announcing on Twitter that he had landed in an emergency room, the Fortnite pro returned to Twitch to let fans know what had happened. Though Tfue himself had no definitive answers on his condition, he indicated during his stream that it was related to a lingering issue with his neck.

“I don’t know. I don’t know yet,” Tfue said. “I went into the ER but they CT scanned me and couldn’t tell me what it was. So I have to go see another doctor.”

Over recent weeks, Tfue has been dealing with a large lump on his neck. The FaZe Clan player has shown it off on stream, and has described other health issues on his Twitter account. He previously indicated that the issues with his neck were from his frequent streaming and described headaches and dehydration from his aggressive schedule, per Dexerto.

Things became more serious on March 19 when he indicated that he had undergone a course of antibiotics to treat the lump to no avail. The next day he ominously stated “I’m currently in the emergency room I’ll keep you guys posted.”

Tfue did not clarify what symptoms prompted him to go to the hospital and did not specifically discuss what issues may have come up while there. Unfortunately, the inconclusive CT scan means he has at least one more trip to the doctor left ahead of him.

While the lack of a diagnosis isn’t ideal, he showed no signs of trouble in his return to streaming as he played a lengthy and energetic session that featured typically big plays and strong match placements throughout. Like most Fortnite pros, Tfue has been pushing to reach top form to compete at the Fortnite World Cup in July, an event which will sport a record-breaking $30 million prize pool.

He has been practicing both solo and alongside duo partner and fellow FaZe Clan member Dennis “Cloak” Lepore.


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