Fortnite player hacks into FNCS finals, criticizes anti-cheat

Olivia Richman • August 11, 06:19

A Fortnite player using an aimbot hack qualified for the Fortnite Championship Series Chapter 2 Season 3 finals. 

The North American player, nicknamed Kona, claimed they made their cheating as obvious as possible to prove just how bad Fortnite’s anti-cheat is. They even streamed themselves using the aimbot on Twitch during the tournament. 

When asked about using the hacks, Kona stated during their stream that they were “sacrificing the account” in hopes of showing how bad Epic’s anti-cheat software is. 

While they did make the FNCS qualifier finals, Kona was disqualified from the tournament. They were also banned from Fortnite itself shortly after. Epic didn’t comment on the length or severity of the suspension. 

While Kona stated that they hoped people “learn” from their blatant cheating, some within the Fortnite community were not amused or inspired. One of their Twitter followers told them that they were messing up other players’ chances at qualifying for the finals. 

The Fortnite cheater also claimed that there were a lot of people asking them for the aimbot

Kona dropped from team, joins Kungarna after cheating suspension

Kona was later dropped by esports organization Deny. On Twitter, the team explained that they had “cut all times with Kona” because they do not stand for cheating “in any form,” including hacks used openly just to make a point. 

This didn’t seem to bother Kona at all. The player joined up with Team Kungarna moments later. 

While many people were frustrated at Kona’s cheating during a big Fortnite tournament, others commended them for bringing a major problem to light. The competitive Fortnite community has been outspoken about publisher Epic’s seemingly lenient treatment of cheaters over the past few years. 

After being suspended for cheating for a short two weeks, Damion “XXiF” Cook was able to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup upon his return. He then played at the giant international tournament and won $100,000 with his teammate. 


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