Fortnite data leak shows new servers coming to Middle East and US

Olivia Richman • August 6, 2019 7:09 pm

A recent leak contains potentially good news for Fortnite fans in the Middle East. 

According to a data miner going by fnbrInsider, the free-to-play battle royale could be providing 15 new servers based all around the world. One of the most notable additions would be the server allegedly coming to Bahraim. This would allow players in the surrounding region, including in Iran and Saudi Arabia, to play the game with reduced latency.

This area of the world is currently playing without any nearby servers. Players in the Middle East have reported pings ranging from 100 up to over 1,000, which makes the game basically unplayable. 

At the beginning of the year, #FortniteMiddleEastServers started trending on Twitter. Over 2 million players had taken to the social media platform to ask Epic Games for servers in their region. 

The leak also revealed servers coming to Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Singapore, Moscow, and Taiwan. The United States may also see additional servers based in Oregon, South Carolina, and Iowa. 

There were no servers listed for South or Central America, which is unfortunate for World Cup superstar King in Argentina. He made a name for himself by placing on the leaderboards despite playing with a terrible ping in his home country.

The continent of Africa was also not mentioned in the leak. 

fnbrinsider also tweeted a complete list of IPs for every existing server. This will allow players to test their latency to each one. The ensuing series of tweets blew up, with many people excited by the news. But some followers who said they were from countries near Bahrain stated that they were still getting ping values as high as 200. Other followers pointed out that the servers are not yet activated, so Middle Eastern players are still stuck playing with European servers. 


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