Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked trailer shows new features, abilities

By Steven Rondina


Oct 14, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite fans have gotten a brief glimpse of the upcoming release of Fortnite Chapter 2.

A 30-second trailer for the next battle pass was leaked, showing some of the new features that will arrive when Fortnite relaunches. The game was recently shut down to mark the ending of the highly controversial Season X.

Epic Games has been aggressively taking down reposts of the leaked trailer, but fans of the game are reposting it at a rate that the company just can’t contend with.

New features in Fortnite Chapter 2


It is unclear how much of an overhaul Fortnite will get with Chapter 2, but the new trailer does show off some new features for the game.

The trailer repeatedly shows a squad of players traveling via a speedboat. The vehicle is one of the most realistic seen before in Fortnite, standing far apart from fantastical vehicles like the Baller, B.R.U.T.E., or even the Stormwing.

Alongside the boat are shots of a new swimming mechanic. Fortnite has not had a place within the play area with waters deep enough to swim. The trailer shows a player paddling through a pond at one point, which is later followed by another swan diving into a river from a waterfall.

New ways to interact with the environment were also shown. A player was shown shooting a gas station pump, causing it to explode and kill a pair of enemies. This was followed by someone jumping out of a dumpster and gunning down an opposing duo.

It is unclear if this is the extent of the changes coming in Fortnite Chapter 2, but there certainly seems to be a lot for veteran players to look forward to.

Fortnite Chapter 2 release date still unknown


Fortnite’s season-ending events have long been a special treat, but Epic Games went to extreme lengths to make the ending of Season X memorable.

The event saw a rocket fired into space, which was followed by a series of rifts opening up around the world. Meteors followed, seemingly destroying the planet and causing everything to collapse into a black hole.

From there, numerous hints were given that Fortnite was shut down permanently. The main menu gave players the option to uninstall the game and all of the Fortnite social media channels were wiped. A live Periscope stream showing the black hole left behind by cataclysm was a clear tell that something was coming.

As of this writing, Fortnite remains offline and unfortunately there is no hint of an end to that at the moment. The trailer advertised the Chapter 2 Battle Pass, but gave no actual hint as to when it was coming.

Fortnite fans will just have to be patient and keep their eye on the black hole stream.