Fortnite Championship Series prizes and schedule revealed

By Olivia Richman


Aug 16, 2019

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More details have been released by Epic Games regarding the Fortnite Champion Series, which begins tomorrow with a trios event. 

Announced back in July, the Fortnite Champsion Series has only made headlines so far for the inclusion of the B.R.U.T.E. But fans are finally able to see full details of the major tournament, which will have all of their favorite pros and streamers competing for a piece of the $10 million prize pool over the next few weeks. 

Tomorrow marks the first of five weeks leading up to the Season Finals, which will take place on September 20. Each trio team will have three hours to compete in up to 10 games, similar to the World Cup qualifications. Each region will have 32 teams competing in a Grand Finals event at the end of the five weeks. 

Fortnite Champion Series schedule


Champion Series – Weekly

  • August 17: Week 1 Round 1
  • August 17: Week 1 Round 2
  • August 18: Week 1 Round 3


  • August 24: Week 2 Round 1
  • August 24: Week 2 Round 2
  • August 25: Week 2 Round 3


  • August 31: Week 3 Round 1
  • August 31: Week 3 Round 2
  • September 1: Week 3 Round 3


  • September 7: Week 4 Round 1
  • September 7: Week 4 Round 2
  • September 8: Week 4 Round 3


  • September 14: Week 5 Round 1
  • September 14: Week 5 Round 2
  • September 15: Week 5 Round 3

Champion Series: Season Finals

  • September 20: Heat 1 Group Stage
  • September 20: Heat 2 Group Stage
  • September 21: Heat 3 Group Stage
  • September 21: Heat 4 Group Stage
  • September 22: Champion Series Grand Finals

While the schedule will be the same for every region, Epic Games noted that the time of day will differ for each region. In the Season Finals, Heat 3 and 4 will include only Europe, North America East and West, and Brazil. 

Epic also noted that this schedule is open to change, and in the case of any such changes they will notify participants as quickly as possible. 

Fortnite Champion Series rules


In order to compete in the Champion Series, participants must be in the Champion League. This means they have to have at least 6,500 Hype points from Arena Mode. 

Each week there will be three rounds played. The first two rounds will take place on the same day. For North American competitors, this will be Saturday. For North America East, North America West, Europe, and Brazil, trios can only advance to Round 2 if they place in the top 1,000. For Asia, OCE, and the Middle East, they must be in the top 500. 

Getting to Round 3 is even tougher. Only teams who placed in the top 150 across all regions may advance. The top eight teams from North America East and West, Europe, and Brazil will advance from there, along with the top four teams from Asia, OCE, and the Middle East, respectively. 

To land a spot in these placements, teams must have more points than the other teams in their region. A Victory Royale is worth 15 points, while second place is worth 12, and nine points are rewarded to third and fourth-place trios. Teams in fifth through eighth places will receive six points, while ninth through 12th place teams will get three points. Each elimination is worth an additional one point. In the World Cup, some competitors placed by eliminations alone, including 13-year-old King

Series points will also be rewarded at the conclusion of each Weekly’s Round 3 window. 

1st Place – 500 Series Points
2nd Place – 450 Series Points
3rd Place – 400 Series Points
4th Place – 375 Series Points
5th Place – 350 Series Points
6th Place – 300 Series Points
7th Place – 275 Series Points
8th Place – 250 Series Points
9th Place – 225 Series Points
10th Place – 200 Series Points
11th-25th Place – 175 Series Points
26th-50th Place – 150 Series Points
51st-100th Place – 125 Series Points
101st-150th Place – 100 Series Points
151st-500th Place – 75 Series Points
501st-1000th Place – 50 Series Points
1001st-2000th Place – 40 Series Points
2001st-3000th Place – 30 Series Points
3001st-5000th Place – 20 Series Points
5001st-10000th Place – 10 Series Points
10001st-25000th Place – 5 Series Points
25001st-50000th Place – 3 Series Points
50001st-100000th Place – 1 Series Point

Fortnite Championship Series prizing


To continue their pattern of major prize offerings, Epic Games will have a $10 million prize pool for participants in the Fortnite Championship Series. 

For Stage 1, each team of three will split their prize money, which will be based on their placement within the Leaderboard at the conclusion of Round 3 of the Weekly. Europe’s highest ranking team will receive $96,000. North America East will see a $60,000 first place prize, while North America West will be rewarded $24,000 for first place. First place in Asia will receive $12,000, as will first place trios in OCE and the Middle East. Brazil will see $24,000. 

Stage 2 will see even bigger rewards for the top ranking teams from each region. For Europe, this means a $480,000 prize for first place. NA East will receive $300,000, and NA West will get $120,000, as will Brazil. 

It’s looking to be another exciting tournament for Fortnite viewers, although some competitors are still wary after Epic’s decision to leave the B.R.U.T.E. mechs in competitive modes.



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