Fortnite celebrates Batman’s 80th birthday with event, new skins

By Rebekah Drake


Sep 22, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

In honor of the character’s 80th birthday, Epic Games is treating fans to a massive Batman event in Fortnite.

Players looking to visit Tilted Towers between now and October 6 will instead land in Gotham City. A familiar location for fans of the movies, games, and comics alike, those fond of the Caped Crusader will feel a sense of familiarity in the new cityscape. The area has a darker look than the rest of Fortnite that emulates how the city is presented across all forms of media.

Anyone drifting in will see their glider transform into Batman’s cape as soon as they get near the city. As a bonus, players can redeploy their gliders while inside the rift boundary, allowing them to glide between rooftops at will.

Alongside Gotham City are new items that can be found on the ground, or in chests and llamas. The Batman Grapnel Gun functions much like the Grappler but is more reminiscent of the character’s signature tool. There are also Explosive Batarangs that deal 50 points of damage to players as well as a massive 200 points of environmental damage.

Fortnite Batman and Catwoman skins


Alongside these in-game features are a number of new skins.

The Caped Crusader pack offers two separate bat-suits to players, one in comic-book gray and one with an armored look reminiscent of the Christopher Nolan trilogy version of the character. The back bling for both skins is the bat-cape, which doubles with the Batglider while playing in the new Gotham City location.

The pack also comes with a number of other cosmetics, including a themed glider and harvesting tool. The pickaxe is in the shape of the Batman logo while the glider takes the form of the 1990s version of the Batwing aircraft.

The final skin is of Batman’s frenemy and occasional romantic interest, Catwoman. While there are two distinct versions of the Batman skin, Catwoman only has one look with the option to play with her visor up or down. The skin also pairs with a back bling in the form of a bejewelled cat backpack. A set of Cat Claws pickaxes can also be bought separately.

Along with the new skins are a pair of emotes, Whip Crack and Bat Signal. A themed music track can also be purchased.

More information can be found on the official Fortnite website.