Forsaken Operator returns in Valorant’s 2022 Give Back bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has unveiled a brand new Give Back bundle in Valorant that brings back the game’s iconic weapon skins. 

In 2021, Riot Games lifted the curtain on its charity campaign dubbed Give Back. Valorant skins are worth their weight in gold, so Riot decided to generate money through virtual cosmetics for a charity. 50% of the proceeds from 2022’s Give Back bundle’s weapon skins go to Riot Games Social Impact Fund, just like last year. 

In 2021, the developer raised about $5.5 million in funds from the charity skins. Now, the Give Back bundle has returned with some of the best Valorant skins in 2022. 

What’s in Valorant Give Back bundle 2022? 

This year’s Give Back bundle features four weapon skins, but players have their sights on the Forsaken Operator, the collection’s star. The Forsaken bundle was an instant hit among the fans, and those who couldn’t buy the skins, can now at least cop an Operator. 

The contents of the Give Back bundle depend entirely on the players. Riot left it to players to customize the skin line by picking from eight options. After a tough competition between the highly-sought after items, players have settled on these four.

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Here are all the skins in the Give Back bundle 2022: 

  • Neptune Vandal
  • Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost
  • Forsaken Operator
  • Magepunk Spectre.

The bundle will stay in the store for a short while. It will appear on November 16 and will be available through November 30. A new skin collection will replace once Give Back leaves the store. 

How much does the Give Back Bundle cost? 

The Give Back bundle is now available in the store for 6387 Valorant Points. This means individual skin costs 1775 VP, sprays and player cards are priced at 675, 775 VP, respectively. A gun buddy is also included in the bundle for 975 VP.