Fornite’s Hearts Wild update brings new outfits, duo cup, more

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 9, 2021

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Epic Games has always been keen on keeping up with trends and festivals. The developer has now rolled out a new update, revealing Hearts Wild as a new event in Fortnite to celebrate Valentine’s day.

The dark landscape of Fortnite following the tragic zero-point event will finally get something more positive from the developers in the form of a “lovely” makeover. The Hearts Wild update will shower the battlegrounds with wholesome rewards, skins, and other in-game cosmetics. Here’s a full breakdown of the new event.

This new event officially kicks off on February 9, and brings with it tons of cosmetics for players to sink their teeth into. The developer has spiced up the event by adding the Hearts Wild duo cup, which provides an opportunity for players to bag rare skins before they hit the market. 

Hearts Wild Fortnite Duo Cup

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Teams of two may partake in this tournament to win an outfit. The duo will have to compete in 10 matches in the span of three hours and outsmart other teams along the way. The team to emerge on top with most points within the time limit will be rewarded the Lovely Outfit and Heartblast Back Bling. In the spirit of the season of love, the developer has divided the tournament reginoally so that more players can potentially win the outfits. 

Accounts above level 30 are eligible for the tournaments, and participants must have 2FA enabled. With this in mind, players may want to enable their two-factor authentication from their accounts to avail Valentine’s day epic goodness. 

Hearts Wild team battles 

The new update ensures that everyone is making the most out of Valentine’s day event. Hearts Wild team battles are community matches that pit players against one another with the help of their favourite creators to earn points in unique challenges. If you place high enough between February 10 and 17, you may get your hands on such in-game rewards as the Breathless Blades Pickaxe, Shufflly Shapes Wrap, Reel Love Spray, and more.

Weekly challenge: Find a date for Fishstick

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Epic Games has added a unique touch to Valentine’s day weekly challenge. Instead of completing a tedious challenge to boost XP, players will be required to play Cupid for Fishstick. The quest will go live on February 11, during which players will have to find a date for Fishstick to gain XP. 

Return of old outfits to Fortnite

Apart from all that, Epic Games has brought back famous outfits like tough-loving Lovethorn into the Fortnite itemshop, with a punch of fresh Valentine’s glee. New outfits include the lovable and huggable Lovely and Cuddle Team Leader.

The Hearts Wild Cup will begin on February 9, 2021, while the next community battles will officially start on February 10.


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