Former world champion FPX GimGoon retires

By Nicholas James


Dec 28, 2021

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Former Worlds winner Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem has announced his retirement from professional League of Legends.

GimGoon was a member of the first LPL team to win Worlds, playing top lane as a South Korean import for the Chinese organization FunPlus Phoenix. GimGoon was known as the “Weak Side King” for his ability to play top lane with nearly no attention from his teammates.

GimGoon retires after uneventful 2021

GimGoon was sadly unable to find another team after departing FunPlus Phoenix at the end of 2020 alongside teammate Kim “Khan” Dong-ha. Despite playing with FunPlus Phoenix for the entirety of the year, an unsuccessful spree led to his contract being allowed to expire by FPX.

During his time on FPX, GimGoon was known for his scaling picks like Tryndamere or Gangplank. It was Gangplank that GimGoon became known for in 2019, eventually picking it as his Worlds skin. In many ways, Gangplank represented his playstyle perfectly, a weak lane that accumulated small advantages to power up his midgame and join up with his team for coordinated plays.

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GimGoon will join a long list of South Korean world champions who have hung up their hats and chosen to find the next adventure after pro play. He is one of an exclusive list of players who have etched their names in League of Legends history and hoisted the Summoner’s Cup. His selfless, defensive playstyle made him an icon for many players in a meta where individual outplays seemed like the best way to separate yourself from the competition.

Fans bid GimGoon farewell

The top laner’s retirement has been met with an outpouring of support and admiration from fans the world over. Dubbing him with nicknames like “GP God,” “The Strongest Shield,” and “KingGoon,” it’s clear that he’s made his mark on the community. GimGoon’s professional career lasted an impressive nearly eight years since his debut in 2013.


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