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Former Rockstar worker shuts down GTA 6 inclusivity rumors

By Olivia Richman


Aug 5, 2022

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally more than just a name, with developer Rockstar providing some significant information about the highly anticipated crime caper. One big reveal included what would be the first female protagonist in the series. This has led to some controversy in the gaming community, with some speculating that GTA 6 is going to be focused on inclusivity instead of potentially sensitive subject material that the series is known for.

Grand Theft Auto is known for taking advantage of its M ratings with violence, sex, drugs, and anything else you can think of. With this being such a big part of the culture surrounding GTA games, the possibility of there being less violence and offensive material in-game has some fans of the series concerned.

When Bloomberg initially announced a Latina protagonist, the report also mentioned that developers are looking to avoid “punching down” when making in-game jokes about marginalized groups. This is part of the company’s overall culture overhaul in the wake of Riot Games and Blizzard getting called out for gender discrimination and other workplace issues. But does this mean that Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be politically correct?

Former GTA contributor shuts down inclusivity rumors

Not everyone is worried that Grand Theft Auto 6 will suddenly be wholesome. Former GTA contributor Aaron Stewart-Ahn called the accusations “absurd and cynical.”

Responding to a tweet about Yakuza including a trans woman in a side quest, Stewart-Ahn declared that Grand Theft Auto would not be “more inclusive,” based on his experience while working there. According to Stewart-Ahn, he had quit after working at Rockstar Games after a few months.

Even though Stewart-Ahn was not a big part of Rockstar Games’ development team, having only worked at the company in 2009 as a voice actor, many online agreed with his sentiment. Some felt that Rockstar was only talking about being more inclusive for the press benefits and didn’t actually intend to make any real changes.

Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King previously said that GTA 6 would be “less edgy” than previous titles. But it doesn’t seem like everyone believes it just yet.

As more information comes out about Grand Theft Auto 6, fans are hopeful they will hear more about the game soon, including details on its storyline, location, and gameplay.


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