Former Overwatch pros aKm, uNKOE announce move to Valorant

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After the Dallas Fuel announced an almost complete purge of its Overwatch League roster, Dylan “aKm” Bignet followed by declaring his intent to transition to Valorant, a move that came shortly after Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson announced the same.

uNKOE’s decision to switch to Valorant seems to be due to more ominous reasons alluded to in his tweet announcing his departure from OWL. “I’m not ready yet for a Twitlonger, will explain later what happened this season to me,” uNKOE said.

Though their reasons for the move seem to be at least partly rooted in the downturn of Overwatch League, it also coincides with Valorant pushing towards its first big tournament. Qualifiers for Valorant’s first major tournament, First Strike, are gearing up to begin in each region.

uNKOE and aKm may have success in finding a team prior to First Strike

Details of the European First Strike qualifiers were recently announced, which means that both aKm and uNKOE have until early November to secure a team if they wish to participate in the touranment. Because the tournament is regional, there is a good chance that the duo will find a team to take them in order to have a shot at the finals held in December.

Since the completion of Overewatch League’s third season, many players have announced their retirement, with many also announcing a move to Riot Games’ new FPS. The move by many players over to the new game is not surprising. There are many similarities between the two games, and many professional Overwatch players retain the skills and game sense that Valorant demands. 

Qualifiers for EU First Strike begin on November 9.


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