Former CSGO pro facing life in prison for embezzlement crimes

By Olivia Richman


Mar 4, 2020

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A former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro could be spending the rest of their life in prison. 

Brazilian influencer and former pro Shayenne “shAy” Victorio was sentenced to 116 years in prison for embezzlement, according to Column of Leo Dias. The conviction stems from a retail company shAy managed as a partner. From 2013 to 2017, customers didn’t receive the products they purchased, meaning shAy will also have to pay a fine. 

shAy managed the online company with her ex-husband and father. She was recently sued when the Sao Paulo State Prosecutor’s Office came forward with 188 acccounts of people confessing they had never received the product they purchased. 

After hearing so many complaints, the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime began to investigate the situation. They gathered evidence against shAy, including bank statements, taxes, and email correspondance from the CSGO player. 

shAy can appeal freely to the charges, which carry a potential sentence of greater length than her natural lifetime. While the prosecution is seeking 116 years, larceny usually has a maximum penalty of 30 years imprisonment in Brazil. While significantly lower than the proposed 116, many CSGO fans are still surprised by the harsh punishment. Many pointed out that embezzling $12,000 on your first offense doesn’t seem extreme enough to garner even 30 years in prison, much less 116 years.

According to a post on Instagram, shAy’s ex-husband had taken full responsibility for the embezzlement. shAy denied being arrested or being a fugitive and pointed towards her ex-husband as the true source of the criminal behavior.

shAy facing life in prison, ending career as CSGO pro and influencer

shAy gained her influencer status by competing in Counter-Strike 1.6 and CSGO between 2008 and 2019. She’s been a part of several organizations, including iMuse, FireGamers, GamerHouse, ProGaming, Innova, Santos, Team One, BootKam, and Vivo Keyd. She was even a part of the famous Made in Brazil brand at one point. 

shAy competed in numerous tournaments during that time, including the Brazil Game Cup for women, Intel Challenge Katowice, and the GAMECON Challenge. She retired from professional play in the spring of 2019. 


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