Fnatic qualify for The International 10 with reverse 3-0 over TNC Predator

Kenneth Williams • July 3, 18:58

After losing two games in the grand finals, Fnatic dug deep to reverse sweep TNC Predator at The International 10 Southeast Asia qualifier. 

Fnatic’s victory has earned them a spot at The International 10 later this year. Fnatic bested their regional rivals TNC Predator 2-0 in the winner’s finals and 3-2 in the final decider. TNC dominated the first two games, but a stellar performance from Fnatic carry Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto spearheaded a three-game comeback.

At the end of a dominant winner’s side run, Fnatic were the slight favorites for the single Southeast Asia qualifier slot. However, TNC Predator had clearly learned from their previous defeat. TNC carry Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte dominated game one on Ursa, racking up 17 kills and 21,500 net worth in 36 minutes. His Phantom Assassin quickly took the reins on game two, putting TNC Predator on match point.

Game three marked a turning point for Raven. A first-phase Terrorblade for Fnatic’s hard carry was a gutsy move, but it was played to perfection. Raven accumulated 819 GPM and nine kills with no deaths before cracking high ground at 43 minutes. Raven repeated the feat in game four, though mid-laner Ng “ChYuan” Kee Chyuan stole the spotlight with his 12-0 Ember Spirit.

After finally forcing TNC Predator to ban Terrorblade, Raven took a page from PSG.LGD’s Wang “Ame” Chunyu with safe lane carry Axe. 25,700 hero damage was way too much for TNC. One final siege forced a GG call, officially sending Fnatic to The International 10.

While it didn’t affect the outcome of the game too much, TNC Predator also scored a hilarious blooper as a consolation prize. During a gank in game two, a neutral Centaur Conqueror interrupted their gank with a four-man Hoof Stomp. That surprise Ravage let Fnatic turn the tide, but it wasn’t enough to start the comeback early.


Fnatic won the first Dota Pro Circuit SEA season but bombed out of the Singapore Major and landed a disappointing fourth in the second DPC season. The squad has redeemed itself with consecutive wins over rivals TNC Predator and earned a spot at Dota 2’s biggest tournament. Sixteen teams will compete for more than $40,000,000 at The International 10 later this year.


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