FMPONE talks Valve’s agent skins fix after CSGO update

By Nick Johnson


Nov 23, 2019

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The burden of fixing the problems caused by the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive character skins seems to be falling to map creators.

FMPONE discussed the November 22 CSGO update on social media. The famous Cache co-creator views them as a call by Valve for community map creators to fix instances of character models serving as camouflage.

FMPONE stated that he would be looking to fix these issues on the updated Cache, where characters can almost completely blend into the scenery. “They want us to stick to the Agent skins and try to patch out the spots where they aren’t working. Half-measure. We’ll see,” FMPONE said in a reply to the CSGO patch that went live on November 22.

Though some felt that this was Valve passing the work onto content creators instead of altering the skins or adding the option to only see the default models, FMPONE noted that he would have made the changes regardless to ensure everything functions on the new Cache properly. He also stated that this extra task hasn’t stopped him from enjoying Shattered Web.

“The Shattered Web CO-OP mission is cool AF. Wasn’t expecting that. Definitely check it out,” FMPONE continued.

The map maker is one of the latest community members to comment on the controversy stemming from Valve’s custom CSGO models. 

CSGO update adds Storage Boxes, adjusts the color of one T model

The biggest addition in the latest CSGO update was the implementation of the “Storage Unit,”  which allow players to place up to 1,000 items inside them. The units functionally expand players’ inventory space, a feature that has been included in other Valve titles including Dota 2.

Users can name each box individually, but cannot sell them or sell any of the items contained within.

Storage Units can be purchased from Valve for $1.99. This is the latest paid feature added to the game over the past several weeks.

After the storage unit announcement, developers also mentioned that they had adjusted the color of one of the “Elite Crew,” the default terrorist models used on some maps. Valve has not commented on any of the other models that are causing issues or expressed any plans to change them.

Also included in the patch were lighting fixes for Inferno. These brought increased visibilty into the A-side pit, a deathmatch change, and some lighting adjustments in the A-site balcony hallway.

Overpass also saw lighting changes in two places and a background texture switch on A-site. The developers also removed a graffiti from CT side of the B bombsite. Finally, Nuke also received minor improvements.

Users can find the rest of the changes on the official CSGO blog.


CS2 care package

Players hopeful after Valve adds Overwatch to expose CS2 cheaters

Only “trusted” players will be Overwatch investigators. 

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