FlyQuest shows off new training facility, appoints new CEO

Melany Moncav • January 25, 2020 11:30 pm

FlyQuest is starting the year with some major internal changes. The organization has appointed a new CEO and announced the opening of its new training facility.

The team appointed esports veteran Tricia Sugita as the new CEO. Sugita first joined the organization back in 2018 and worked closely on initiatives within FlyQuest to support women and immigrants in esports.

“I am honored and grateful to be the CEO of this organization that I care deeply about,” Sugita said on a press release. “The heart of FlyQuest is ‘greatness,’ and it drives everything we do. We’ve done a great job bringing in the right people and creating a culture that celebrates greatness.”

Sugita’s first move as CEO is the “Go Green” initiative that will promote environmental friendliness. Go Green will be incorporated in every aspect of the organization including content, jersey designs, and more. Through the Go Green initiative, FlyQuest is hoping to raise money to plant trees and enact its mission to “Save the Wild Turtles.”

FlyQuest Training facility

FlyQuest opens new training facility

Training facilities have become a necessity for esports organization. Grooming talent and creating social media content is the core business model of most western esports brands, and training facilities help on both fronts.

With that in mind, FlyQuest has announced the opening of The Greenhouse, a 7,000 square-foot training facility located in California. The Greenhouse will be home for its League of Legends players and coaching staff. FlyQuest’s staff will also work from the new facility and all new content will be produced from there.

“It’s early, but we are already seeing the positive effects on not just the players, but the business staff, too, of truly being united under one vision, one goal. They want to be here, they want to work hard, and they want to win,” Sugita said.

In 2020, FlyQuest is looking to improve its standing in the LCS. Flyquest has historically been a mediocre team in the league, and the organization is looking to change that this year.

FlyQuest will play its first game of the 2020 LCS Spring season on January 25 against Immortals.


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