FlyQuest gets a big win over TSM in the 2020 LCS Spring Split

Melany Moncav • February 17, 2020 1:03 pm

Team SoloMid is ending Week 4 in the 2020 LCS Spring season with two losses, as the team fell on Sunday against FlyQuest.

TSM couldn’t keep its winning streak going in Week 4. The team lost on Saturday against Cloud9 and against FlyQuest the following day. This result is a step back for the team that was confidently climbing the LCS ladder. TSM went from being tied in second place to being tied in fourth place with Dignitas and Golden Guardians.

FlyQuest is recovering from some hard losses. The team started the season on a positive note and suddenly found itself losing. The results left the fans wondering if the early wins were simple luck and not actual proof of FlyQuest’s level.

FlyQuest proves tough to finish for Team SoloMid

The match between TSM and FlyQuest was decided by the sustain and scaling of both compositions. FlyQuest brought back Yuumi in the bottom lane and went for the powerful Ornn in the top lane. TSM took an alternative route with Pantheon jungle and Taliyah in the mid lane. This combination was popular for a hot second in 2019 and soon proved to be not that great.

As expected, TSM dominated the early game. The game remained proactive and aggressive, with TSM going for plays and making things happen in every lane. TSM found a way to exploit the early advantages and get a significant gold advantage which they continued to hold on to throughout the entire game.

Despite TSM’s proactive approach, FlyQuest found a way to resist and repel the constant attacks from their enemy. The team found a few good fights of their own, but not enough to close the gold difference.

TSM knew they needed to close the game before Ornn had the chance to scale and provide his teammates with too many upgraded items.

After the 30-minute mark, TSM started to struggle in the team fights. FlyQuest had too much sustain and could go for extended team fights with no problem.

TSM found itself without enough burst damage to counter Yuumi’s healing or to shred through Ornn’s tankiness, and 46 minutes into the game, FlyQuest knew the game was theirs. The squad’s players remaind patient and didn’t try to force overly hard. TSM simply ran out of options in the late game, and FlyQuest took the win.

FlyQuest will return to the stage on Monday League Night to face 100 Thieves.  


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