Flex on the force buy with the best P90 skins in CSGO

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The best P90 skins will make you call a force buy after every tough round.

The P90 has a controversial reputation in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For experienced CSGO players, it’s a riskier eco option without much going for it. But for those new to the game, the P90’s high rate of fire and relatively low price make it a common sight regardless of economy. No matter how cool your AWP skin is, it’s invisible without spending $4,750. For players looking to spruce up their favorite submachine gun, these are the best P90 skins in all of CSGO.

The best P90 skins in all of CSGO

The P90 is meant to be a budget weapon in CSGO, so it’s only fair to include some cheaper options when picking the best skins for the gun. The massive rectangular shape of the P90 makes simple patterns stand out and really accentuates the more vibrant graffiti patterns. With price points in mind, here are the top five best skins for the P90 with their price on the Steam market.

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5. Traction ($1)

The P90 Traction takes full advantage of the gun’s massive real estate to show off an ornate blue pattern. As part of the relatively recent Horizon Case, a factory new Traction runs for less than a dollar. The gun still looks amazing at lower qualities as the base metal darkens. The blue pattern stays the same, which makes the 11-cent battle-scarred version pop even more from a distance.

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4. Trigon ($9)

If you’re looking for a flashy skin that can be recognized from miles away, the P90 | Trigon is an excellent choice. Originally from Operation Phoenix cases, the Trigon features a dark base coat with interlocking triangles and bright orange highlights. It’s a skin that would look right at home in Deus Ex or Cyberpunk 2077. At just over $9 for minimal wear, this is the most bang for your buck of all the best P90 skins.

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3. Baroque Red ($17)

Fans of uncommon skins often look to map collections to find deep cuts and Canals delivers. The Shattered Web-exclusive collection includes a stunning, yet somewhat affordable P90 skin in Baroque Red. A beautifully intricate tile pattern in factory new can be yours for just over $17 a pop. It’s a little pricy, but being part of such a beloved collection means that it will probably grow even more expensive over time.

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2. Asiimov ($40)

When it comes to CSGO skins, it’s tough to beat the classics. The Asiimov became synonymous with high-end skins as soon as it appeared on the AWP. Now the P90 is lucky enough to share the sci-fi palette with just four other guns. The rectangular shape of the P90 makes it the most complete pattern yet with tons of little details. This is where the options start to get pricy with factory new P90 Asiimovs fetching $40.

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1. Run and Hide ($291)

There’s something strange about dropping tons of cash on a P90, but the Run and Hide is among the best skins in CSGO. It’s one of just a few skins that perfectly matches the vibe of the gun. A cash-strapped silver running around with a P90 is just like a leopard; sneaky, patient, and dangerous when cornered. Jokes aside, the exotic pattern makes it the best P90 skin for anyone super serious about submachine guns. Clean samples currently sell for $291.

Astral Jörmungandr is the most expensive P90 skin in CSGO

The Norse collection is known for being ridiculously expensive, and the Astral Jörmungandr is no exception. This purple-rarity P90 features a complex graffiti pattern meant to represent the world serpent of Norse mythology. The design is cool, but it’s not the only reason that minimal wear ones sell for $340.

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Being purple rarity would usually make a cosmetic less expensive, but the Norse collection is no ordinary set of skins. Available only during Operation Shattered Web, the collection is home to lots of highly sought-after skins including the legendary AWP | Gungnir. Potential tradeups to that sought-after AWP is part of why there aren’t many P90 | Astral Jörmungandrs lying around.


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