Firelight Ekko skin brings Arcane’s boy savior to life

By Nicholas James


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot has been leaning hard into Arcane, the new animated series set in League of Legends’ world of Runeterra. That lean continues now with a new skin for Ekko.

Four skins were previously released for free as a part of the RiotX Arcane event that took place over the course of November. Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, and Jayce all received free visual cosmetics that players could unlock by winning a single game or playing three. One character who played a large part in Arcane’s storyline was notably missing from this group: Ekko. Riot Games has amended this absence with the announcement of a Firelight Ekko skin.

Is Firelight Ekko canon?

Unlike the other skins from Arcane, Ekko’s depiction in the Firelight Ekko skin is ever so slightly off from his depiction in the show. Notably, Ekko uses the Zero Drive in-game, a Hextech-fueled device that allows him to travel through time. In Ekko’s depiction in Arcane, fans have only just gotten hints at the origins of the Z-Drive in the last minutes of the final episode.

While we’re likely to see Ekko rocking the Zero Drive in further seasons, Firelight Ekko’s art appears to show him and fellow Firelights fleeing from the scene of their attack on Silco’s vessel in episode four.

How to unlock Firelight Ekko

It has not yet been announced whether Firelight Ekko is in the vein of Arcane skins and can be freely claimed by fans for playing games, or if it requires paying through the Riot Points currency. Given that it doesn’t have the Arcane tag, nor is it a part of the RiotX Arcane event, it seems much less likely to be a free cosmetic for all. Instead, this skin will let Ekko players live out his animated iteration without worrying too much about how it fits into League of Legends’ canon.


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