Find out if you’ve beaten the best player on your LoL server

By Nicholas James


Feb 8, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

A new website lets League of Legends fans find out how far away they are from beating the best player on their LoL server.

LoL Beat Best is a program that takes a player’s profile and finds how many degrees of separation they have to beating the best and highest-ranked player on their server at the current moment. For example, North American fans can see how they measure up against defending LCS champion Can “Closer” Celik.

Did you beat the best player on your LoL server?

LoL Beat Best is a website that shows players exactly how many games of separation there are between them and defeating the top-ranked player on a given server. The program takes a League of Legends player profile from any server and sifts through Riot’s public database to find a path to the most elite player on the ladder. The program works by finding players that cross over between the profile being searched for and the best player on the chosen ranked ladder. It begins with a match that the player has won against another player, whether in ranked play or in normals.

From there the program looks at who that player has beaten and repeats this process until it finds the shortest possible route between the searched profile and whoever is ranked as number one. Europe West players will pit themselves against Felix “Magifelix” Boström, while North Americans get to see their path to 100 Thieves’ LCS jungler Closer. The site compares itself to the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” game where actors are connected to Kevin Bacon through production credits on movies.

The site’s name is clearly tongue-in-cheek, as nobody thinks that several degrees of separation is actual evidence of their being better than the best player on a given server. However, it can be fun to laugh with friends about the highly-ranked players you’ve encountered in other modes of play.