Find out how toxic you are in-game with your Dota 2 word cloud

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Want to see exactly how positive or toxic you really are in Dota 2? 

All-chat word clouds have become a hot topic in the Dota 2 community. The service allows players to view their all-chat language over the course of their account’s full history, which can say a lot about a player and their behavior.

To see your own Dota 2 wordcloud, go to OpenDota and log into the platform using your Steam account. OpenDota will then parse your account history and grab every word you’ve ever said in all-chat. Navigate to your profile and click on the word cloud tab to see it. It might take a few minutes for your messages to show up. OpenDota will create a graphic of those words with size correlating to frequency of use, meaning that your most frequently used words will also be the largest.

In addition to your own word cloud, you can also see a composite image made up of all the words you’ve seen in all-chat. Keep in mind that OpenDota ignores Dota 2’s in-game profanity filter, so distasteful messages will be displayed in plain English. Keep in mind also that the word cloud only parses messages from all-chat. Team chat messages and voice chat aren’t accessible by OpenDota.

Seeing all of your chat messages laid bare can help you reflect on the type of Dota 2 player you are. Is it filled with positive messages and compliments to the enemy team? Or is your Dota 2 word cloud dotted with curses and insults? Your Dota 2 word cloud can say as much about your toxicity as your in-game conduct score.

Pro player word clouds in Dota 2

Just for fun, let’s plug some pro players into OpenDota’s word cloud generator and see what comes up. 

OG’s Syed “SumaiL” Hassan’s Dota 2 word cloud may seem brief, but it’s actually par for the course with most professional Dota 2 players. These accounts are primarily used for tournaments or solo queue grinding where all-chat is used sparingly. The majority of tournament accounts have a very similar word cloud to this one.

Blog post image

TEAM TEAM off-laner Braxton “Brax” Paulson is a little more talkative. His word cloud is mostly used for basic communication, but he’s clearly addressed the mysterious members of Arkosh Gaming a few times. 

Blog post image

Lastly, this is the word cloud of Sadboys carry Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao. A very long string of the letters A, S, and D dominate the image. Did EnVy hit enter by accident? There are also a few pro names in there, including Lucas “lukiluki” Shanks and Eric “Ryoya” Dong. Hopefully, they were addressed with compliments.