Final DOTA: Dragon’s Blood trailer teases surprising villain

By Steven Rondina


Mar 2, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The final trailer for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has arrived and it paints a clearer picture in regards to what fans have to look forward to in the series. 

Though the new trailer didn’t reveal any new characters, the central conflict to the story is starting to become clearer. It previously seemed as though the story would see Dragon Knight, Mirana, Invoker, and Luna team up to attack an unknown enemy, but it seems as though the conflict will be between them instead. 

The trailer opens with a prophecy regarding the return of the moon goddess Selemene and Dragon Knight having a series of visions. A new character, Fymryn, steals a lotus flower that is apparently of great import to Selemene’a prophecy and gets into a fight with Mirana.

Following the altercation, there is a montage of scenes with the overarching theme being that Selemene is not what she seems. Invoker warns Dragon Knight and Mirana that something is amiss regarding her, while Selemene seemingly pushes Luna towards a conflict with them. That said, the “big bad” of the series seems to be an established character that more comfortably fits into a villain role.

A series of posters were rolled out to promote the series and hidden within them was a QR code. When combined, they reveal a new short trailer featuring Terrorblade saying “all you have to do is let me in” before the screen shatters. This ties into special voice lines in Dota Underlords that tie into an ugly history between the devilish character and Dragon Knight.

There are still many questions regarding what will happen in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, but there have already been a few surprises before the series even starts.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood plot, characters revealed

After a great deal of speculation upon its initial announcement, fans were introduced to most of the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood cast with the second teaser trailer. The show will follow Davion, known in Dota 2 as Dragon Knight, alongside Mirana as they look to save the world. Davion’s backstory will be delved into, including his battle with the eldwurm Slyrak as well as a previously unexplored brotherhood of dragon knights.

Surrounding Dragon Knight and Mirana are a number of characters, some of which are familiar to Dota 2 fans, some whose names will be recognizable, and some that are completely new. Established Dota 2 heroes Luna and Invoker will be playing a role in the story, while characters from the characters’ lore such as the goddess Selemene and the dragon knight Kaden will also be present. There are also several brand new characters including Davion’s squire Bram and what appears to be a thief named Drysi.

Here’s the official plot summary from Netflix:

“A conflicted yet courageous Dragon Knight must use the power of the dragon within to stop a deadly demon in this epic fantasy based on the online game.”

How can I watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood?

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will be available exclusively through Netflix. The show is set to premiere on March 25.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood includes eight episodes, which are set to all drop at once. The series will be voiced in 12 different languages, with subtitles in 30.