FF14 Stormblood is free, here’s how to claim it

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 31, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Final Fantasy XIV players can claim Stormblood, one of the game’s four massive expansions, for absolutely free.

FF14 has a ton of content, The promotion was announced by the official FF14 website. The freebie is available for all FF14 players, though the method for how to claim it varies by platform. The offer is open until April 8, making it a great opportunity to start playing the wildly-popular MMORPG. The event doesn’t appear to be celebrating anything special like an anniversary, but the game’s enthusiastic community likely still appreciates the deal.

To claim the free Stormblood expansion, visit any participating online retailer and check out through their client. PlayStation players can claim Stormblood through the PSN store, while PC players can use Steam or the independent client. This will automatically add Stormblood to your account, and it will stay there after the promotion ends. 

FF14 Stormblood raid

What’s in the free Stormblood expansion for FF14?

The key feature of the Stormblood expansion is a massive story spanning two different civilizations. The Hero of Light leads rebellions in both Ala Mhigo and Doma, which are under the oppression of the Garlean Empire. The player learns extensively about both cultures, entering close relationships with faction leaders before staging a final attempt at revolution, but things quickly spiral out of control.

Stormblood also includes new jobs for players to try out. The two new additions are Samurai and Red Mage. Samurai is a pure DPS melee character that lacks utility but makes up for it with very high burst capabilities. Samurai characters must manage a special Kenki gauge to unleash their strongest abilities. 

FF14 Stormblood classes

Red Mage is a ranged DPS option with a twist, as their spells power up their rapier for powerful weapon skills. The unique Balance gauge requires them to alternate between light and dark magic to keep the powered-up melee attacks flowing. Both classes are known for having great cosmetic options, and players can start their collections for free thanks to the Stormblood giveaway.