Félix “xQc” Lengyel given warning ahead of World Cup qualifiers

By Morten Marstal


Aug 21, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

Prominent Overwatch streamer and Team Canada player Félix “xQc” Lengyel was issued a formal warning by Blizzard ahead of qualifiers for the World Cup, but will remain eligible to play.

The warning comes after a 15-day suspension of his main account that had many worried that xQc would be disqualified from participating in the event. The official rules for the World Cup state that a player’s account must be in good standing for them to participate.

In an email to Overwatch Wire, Blizzard stated that since his ban for abusive chat ends on August 26, he will be eligible to play in the World Cup qualifier in Los Angeles. This isn’t xQc’s first infraction, and he has faced prior suspensions and disciplinary actions.

The first action Blizzard took against xQc was during Season 1 of Overwatch League. He was suspended for four games, but the Dallas Fuel took it further and suspended him for the rest of the season due to his harassment of Houston Outlaws player Austin “Muma” Wilmot. After a brief return, xQc was hit with another fine and another four-game suspension for using a racially charged emote in Twitch chat.

After xQc’s last suspension, the Dallas Fuel announced that they were parting ways with him. In subsequent streams, xQc defended the Fuel and said that “it wasn’t all bad,” and that good things were still to come. Since his dismissal from the Overwatch League, he’s been consistent in streaming and has been growing in popularity.

Team Canada kicks off the group stage in Los Angeles against Austria on September 7.