FaZe Ewok comes out as trans and bisexual on Coming Out Day

Olivia Richman • October 12, 02:54

October 11 is national Coming Out Day, giving Fortnite streamer Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler the courage to share something very personal with their fans. 

Ewok shared a TwitLonger over the weekend that revealed they are transgender, female to male, as well as bisexual. 

In their coming out message, Ewok, who goes by he/him, stated that they “never felt right” in their female body. When he was 11 years old, Ewok used his little brother’s clothing to “dress like a boy.” Still, they were never happy with themselves and constantly struggled with their identity. 

“In the past few years, I was at my lowest and I had bad episodes during school. I was frustrated and angry at myself. I am working on it and I’m getting better,” Ewok said. “I know the transition and stuff will be tough for me. I am nervous as hell.” 

Ewok said that coming out as trans will be even more difficult because they are the first transgender man in FaZe Clan. But Ewok still chose to come forward because he wanted to be honest with his followers and friends. 

“Not everybody is ready to come out and it’s not all about coming out. It’s about celebrating other sand finally being free to walk in a beautiful paradise with each other. You are worthy and loved. Take your time. You are still valid,” Ewok said. 

Ewok FaZe trans coming out

Ewok announces his coming out as transgender

Ewok stated that he needs everyone’s support going forward. Luckily, most people in the gaming and streaming communities have showered Ewok with support after his coming out post. 

FaZe Clan tweeted, “You are loved.” 

While there were some trolls in the replies, Ewok tweeted that they are feeling pretty positive overall about the community’s reaction to his being transgender.

Others came forward to call out the toxic responses from some less than supportive voices. 

“This is a big decision,” the 15-year-old streamer said. “I know it will impact some people. I’ll need y’all support. I truly appreciate it if you support. It means the world to me. Thank you. Thank you for being patient with me.” 


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