FaZe Mew

FaZe Clan under fire for leaked call with Mew after sexual assault allegations

By Olivia Richman


May 29, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

FaZe Clan is under fire after some private calls between the esports organization and former member Kerry “Mew” were revealed.

In November of 2022, a female streamer Ashtro accused the streamer of getting her drunk and then “degrading” her during sex she claimed she didn’t even remember. In a TwitLonger, Ashtro said she tried to forget it even happened, embarrassed of the situation. But she started hearing similar stories from other women and she ended up feeling encouraged to share her own experience.

Mew responded at the time that Ashtro was not drunk and was being flirtatious with him. But Ashtro was not deterred, sending screenshots to FaZe Clan in early 2023 from her and other women. FaZe Clan’s chief legal officer told Ashtro she would look into it. This ultimately led to Mew getting released from FaZe Clan.

Ashtro responds to Mew Twitter rant

A few days ago, Mew went to Twitter to claim that his life changed over “lies” but he had remained silent for legal reasons.

“I’m not scared anymore,” Mew wrote. “I know the truth.”

In response to FaZe Mew’s accusations, Ashtro said that she was not the reason he got removed from FaZe Clan, stating that it was actually his own actions that led to the decision. She attached documents including eye-witness accounts of him only buying drinks for Ashtro, personal experiences with Mew, and screenshots of conversations with Mew.

FaZe Clan under fire for handling of Mew situation

As the controversy continued to unfold, FaZe Clan’s own role in the story started to become clearer — and the esports community was shocked at what they learned.

One woman in Ashton’s files claimed that Mew told her that his behavior was “normal,” according to his FaZe manager. But this wasn’t it.

Mew leaked a video call between him and Faze on Twitter a few days ago, claiming that the organization “doesn’t care about their members,” leading to him getting a tainted name. FaZe Clan staff he spoke with back in January of 2023 said that it was “obvious” Ashton was “looking for attention.” But the feedback was “not good,” leading to the organization having to drop Mew due to “public image.”

The esports community was stunned to hear the employee was so flippant about a sexual assault allegation, including her calling Ashton “dramatic” and attention-seeking.

After leaking the phone call, Mew also shared a 20-minute YouTube video with audio from him and Ashton the night he assaulted her. The video resulted in backlash rather than proving Mew’s innocence, with Ashton pointing out that she sounded incoherent in the video and adding that recording their conversation was also off-putting.

With the continued criticism of Mew and his behavior, the former FaZe member said that he was going to remove himself from social media to protect his girlfriend. He added that he also fears for his own safety.


For now, the esports community has been left frustrated with FaZe Clan between this situation and other questionable decisions as the org continues to fall apart.