Fans rejoice as Sojourn announced as new hero in Overwatch 2

Olivia Richman • November 3, 2019 8:30 am

Since Overwatch’s initial launch, fans have been curious about a character named Sojourn. 

The soldier first appeared in the animated short “Recall,” introduced to Overatch fans as an agent who received a message to rejoin Overwatch. 

The three-year-old short was posted to YouTube before the game’s launch. It centered on Winston, who is debating if he should recall Overwatch’s original agents after Talon attacks Watchpoint: Gibraltar. 

“I do miss the old days,” Winston says, looking at old photos of his fellow Overwath agents. 

After an altercation with Reaper, Winston looks up agent locations. Amidst all of the heroes we already know and play as, like Genji and Tracer, Sojourn and some other less familiar faces flash on Winston’s device. 

Sojourn Recall lore

While Sojourn was one of many faces to be flashed on screen, the mysterious hero was shown to Overwatch fans once again in Ana’s origins video. In that story, Sojourn appears as a member of Ana’s team, which further ties Sojourn to the original Overwatch crew, including Solder: 76, McCree, and Reinhardt. 

Sojourn was showcased once again in Overwatch’s Archives event, Storm Rising. There she was referenced as Captain Sojourn, indicating that she may have taken over Ana’s position when Ana was thought to be dead. 

Overwatch fans want new hero Sojourn

By this point, the Overwatch community was highly interested in Sojourn and kept questioning why she wasn’t yet released as a playable hero. 

Some fans voiced conern that Blizzard had yet to create a playable black female hero, despite the cast being otherwise very diverse. This sentiment grew when Ashe was revealed as the next hero, even as fans kept asking Overwatch developers about Sojourn.

When Blizzard had revealed that Ashe had once had darker skin in an early design, black female fans and their allies began to get irritated at the lack of representation. An early version of Mercy was also shown as a possibly black woman before her final design was decided upon. 

Twitter users became vocal again when Wrecking Ball was announced as a new hero. 

Sojourn Overwatch fans Twitter

“The hamster’s cool or whatever, but the streets been hungry for these two since the Winston cinematic,” one fan said. 

Sojourn finally coming to Overwatch 2 should help diversify the hero roster even further, and provide some much-needed lore behind her character. The other new hero coming to Overwatch 2 is Echo


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