Fans have chosen the newest Tristana skin by popular vote

Melany Moncav • March 20, 17:38

The votes are in and League of Legends players have chosen Little Demon Tristana as the next skin for the adventurous yordle.

In February Riot Games announced that players and fans would choose the next custom Tristana skin. An open voting process was had in which players could vote for one out of the three options. The three concepts on offer included Sugar Rush Tristana, Galactic Gunner Tristana, and the eventual winner, Little Demon Tristana.

According to the announcement, over four million votes were cast around the world. The winning concept received over 43% of the votes, around 1.7 million in number.

The skin is scheduled for launch with Patch 9.11. In the meanwhile, Riot Games is testing different special effects and color schemes. The developers are testing magenta and blue for the fiery effects, and these colors would stand out since Tristana already uses red effects with other custom skins.

Riot shared other details about the Little Demon Tristana skin concept. There are three key elements to the skin, as it’s defined as “adorable and demonic, not edgy” and “fiery and mischievous”. The final feature is that of a surprising partnership, as Little Demon Tristana is the right-hand yordle of Little Devil Teemo.

In upcoming patches, the developers behind the skin will share further details about the creative process for Little Demon Tristana and for new skins in general.

This is the second time Riot Games has let fans vote for a new skin. The first time was in 2017 when fans voted for a new Illaoi skin. At that time, fans picked Battlecast Illaoi with 45% of the votes.

Little Demon Tristana should be ready to go just in time for the appropriately warm summer season.


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