Fans ask why TF Blade is a League partner after latest trolling

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Popular League of Legends streamer and content creator Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni may be in danger of another League Partnership Program ban after a recent incident in solo queue. 

After being unbanned from the LPP recently, it didn’t take long before TF Blade was once again testing the limits in solo queue during a recent stream. The streamer was playing games on his smurf account when he got upset that his jungler didn’t give any attention to help him out in the top lane. This led to a frustrated TF Blade who ultimately decided to take on the jungle role by himself and in doing so decrease his own team’s chances of winning. 

In the game where TF Blade was playing as Nautilus, the standard roles only lasted for around nine minutes. After TF Blade decided to swap to the jungle, the game started to go south fast. In just 20 minutes, TF Blade and the rest of his team lost the game with TF Blade himself ending on a 3/6/0 scoreline. 

This loss didn’t only slow down TF Blade’s grind through Platinum rank, but also ended up trending heavily on social media. The clip quickly reached the front page on Reddit, where plenty of fans shared their frustration around TF Blade’s actions and how it could ultimately result in another LPP ban. 

It’s only recently that TF Blade got his LPP rights back after being banned in July 2020. The reasoning behind this ban was due to lack of behavioral improvement after the streamer has been caught in a crossfire several times throughout his streaming career. 

With a recent second chance about a year after his original ban, it might once again be up in the air if TF Blade is suited to be a part of the LPP with the continuous bad behavior. This also seems to be the consensus among the community, but Riot has previously been slow to act on toxicity from streamers in its partner program. 

As a big influencer in the LoL community, these streamers are essentially role models to the thousands of people watching. By failing to be a good role model once again, TF Blade may have set himself up for another ban.


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