Fanmade Winter Summoner’s Rift skin brings fan-favorite back

Nicholas James • November 20, 2022 9:05 am

One dedicated fan has brought back the much-beloved Winter Summoner’s Rift skin back just in time for the holidays.

In years past, League of Legends fans could look forwards to seeing Summoner’s Rift blanketed in snow, with winter and holiday-themed easter eggs throughout the map. Even Baron Nashor got into the spirit with a Santa hat, but that hasn’t happened in years and fans miss the fanfare of the special event.

Fan creates Winter Summoner’s Rift skin

League of Legends modder and content creator The Killerey has been making sure that fans still get their dose of holiday season Summoner’s Rift if they really want it for years. 2022 is no different, and they’ve brought out a wintery look for Summoner’s Rift’s latest iteration, even including Elemental Rift changes.

The gorgeous winter spin on Summoner’s Rift might bring back some serious nostalgia, but we can’t recommend that fans install it due to Riot Games’ stance on custom skins.

How to turn on the Winter Map in League of Legends

Unfortunately, Riot Games’ official stance on custom skins is that they aren’t allowed to be used. There’s a very real chance that installing a custom winter skin would be picked up as unauthorized third-party software that could result in the account being banned.

This is part of the reason that The Killerey doesn’t directly provide the files to covert Summoner’s Rift over, it’s something Riot Games is quite stringent about and it’s best to avoid getting honest fans’ accounts suspended.

For now, it’s best to admire the snowy texture change from afar rather than trying to install it yourself. Until Riot Games brings it back officially, fanmade options aren’t safe to use for any account you don’t want to risk getting banned.

Maybe the upcoming ARAM Clash on the new Howling Abyss will be enough to feed your snow-map hunger.


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