Fan shares the right way to smoke crossing in CS2

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 14, 2023

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Smokes in Counter-Strike 2 are different and highly valuable, specifically on the map Mirage. 

Smokes were hands down the most shocking upgrade in CS2, setting the new version apart from CSGO. The reactive grenades have a 3D shape, meaning they always stay the same, unlike CSGO, where shape-shifting smokes allowed for unique tricks like one-ways. When players discovered that one-ways were being removed, their disappointment was palpable. But playtesters are proving smokes in CS2 are still highly viable. 

A player named Gellix has shared a clip demonstrating the right way to smoke crossing on Mirage, one of the crucial points on the location.

This is the perfect Mirage smoke


Crossing smokes is highly hit-or-miss, even in CSGO. If you get it wrong, you’re toast. Thanks to the 3D model in CS2, crossing smoke is less risky. With minor tweaks, the same lineup covers the entire ramp, blocking the view from the window and connector. But, the issue is, it doesn’t leave empty corners like CSGO, leading to complete blockage. 

But the player has shared a way to squeeze full juice out of CS2 smokes. This new crossing lineup is better in every way possible.  

Instead of aiming at the top antenna, place the crosshair at the intersection of the first wire. This way, the grenade will drop at the ramp’s ledge, blooming a bit towards the left. Consequently, the right side of the ramp will remain open, allowing a clear window view. 

This lineup is much safer as its primary purpose is to split potential duels. When the connector is blocked, Ts can take out the window CT and eventually clear out the path towards B-short. In the old version, players must either cross blindly or pick their duels from the other side of the crates, which can still be slightly risky.

In this case, CS2 smoke favors the T-side as it warrants surefire safety from an angle that has been smoked. Since players know that the smoke won’t randomly fade from an edge, they can focus entirely on eliminating the enemy. 


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