Fan-favorite Swiftplay game mode is now permanent in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 9, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

When Riot rolled out a burning hot patch, 5.12, everyone was fixated on Chamber’s nerf, and the new Swiftplay mode slipped into the background. But it’s still the most popular and will now stay in Valorant full-time. 

Valorant currently has five game modes: Competitive, Unrated, Spike Rush, slot for PVP, and Deathmatch, along with a Practice Range. Overall, Valorant has nine modes, if you include Snowball fight, Replication, and Escalation — since the three games switch slots in intervals. Riot likes to add new games regularly, and Swiftplay is the new favorite. 

In Valorant patch 5.12, Riot rang up the curtain on Swiftplay, a shorter unrated game. Turns out, everyone was religiously playing it, convincing Riot to let it stay longer. 

Swiftplay is the new Valorant game mode

Swiftplay was in beta during 5.12, but now initial testing has been completed. This means players can now roll an unrated game on the go. Here’s why Switfplay is an excellent game mode.

Swiftplay is unranked but shorter. It’s the perfect mode for busy players who like to squeeze in a quick game on the go! Like unrated, you can queue Swiftplay solo or with friends. It will have two halves. Each half will last for four rounds, meaning a total of eight rounds. However, whoever wins five rounds will be deemed the final winner. This means you won’t have to play all eight rounds, making the game last for a maximum of 15 minutes. 

Jett Valorant

Each half of the game begins with two ultimate points ready and a fixed credit amount for all players. With a stable and fair economy, both teams race to be the best and wrap up the game first. 

Swiftplay is an excellent mode for players who have fish to try but still want to stay in touch with Valorant. It’s quicker and much more entertaining since there’s no pressure to perform well at all times. Even dedicated players can use this mode to warm up until Riot releases a Deathmatch mode with abilities enabled. 

So far, players love this new mode as it is different than previous games Riot has rolled out. From Replication to Escalation, most new modes had little to do with competition and mechanical skills. Swiftplay is a more serious game that will help players practice their aim in a competitive environment. Best part? You don’t have to commit a whole hour.