Falling off the map on Vertigo creates the wildest rounds in CSGO

By Nick Johnson


Jul 27, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Sometimes all it takes is a little luck to win a seemingly impossible round.

In a recent ESEA match between Kinship Ghost and GGPR Esports, GGPR member lowrider managed to pull an impressive one versus two clutch using a creative hiding spot. After planting on the A bombsite, lowrider took out Kinship Ghost’s Bezerker before disaster struck. While strafing back into cover, lowrider managed to fall off of Vertigo, plummeting to his death and all but giving Kinship the win.

Or so it seemed.

Even though lowrider fell to his death, GGPR still managed to miss the defuse by milliseconds due to the delay the last remaining T player had caused.

It was a hilarious finish to the round, but at least lowrider managed to win in spite of his misstep. Vertigo is notorious for players taking the plunge off the side of the skyscraper, and pro CSGO players aren’t immune to this potential pitfall.

Team Liquid’s Keith “NAF” Markovic once did the exact same thing, but it was in a match against Astralis with much higher stakes.

After the fall, NAF sent out a “clayster” in the chat, referencing James “Clayster” Eubanks, a Call of Duty pro that has a bad habit of falling off maps during professional games. After NAF’s fall, Clayster himself retweeted the clip, enjoying the shoutout given to him by the CSGO pro.

It’s always funny to see pros make mistakes more likely to happen in everyday matchmaking games, but sometimes it’s really part of a complicated set-up.

Mohamad “m0E” Assad once famously trolled former CSGO pro Matthew “Wardell” Yu on Vertigo with a fake run boost, leading to a hilarious exchange between the two during a late-night CSGO stream.

When stepping off the map on Vertigo works out, it can really work out. The map’s open sides allow for some amazing runboosts that can catch an enemy off guard. While they’re typically difficult to pull off, they can be devastating in practice.

NRG famously used just such a runboost to catch Team Liquid off guard on CSGO’s oddest map during CS Summit 4, just after Vertigo’s release.

While Vertigo’s runboosts don’t get see as much play these days, the angle that lowrider took in the initial clip is an impressive one that fans probably haven’t seen used before. It’s clearly good enough to fool some teams. But be careful. It’s a long way down if you slip.