FalleN, fer, coldzera may be reuniting on a new team

Steven Rondina • November 10, 15:16

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, and Marcelo “coldzera” David currently aren’t attached to a major esports organization for 2022. That might change in the near future.

According to various reports and an abundance of rumors, four members of the two-time major-winning lineup of SK Gaming and Luminosity Gaming are set to reunite. FalleN, fer, and coldzera may be teaming up with Lincoln “fnx” Lau for a “last dance” run for the star Brazilian players. 

The only member of the team that isn’t a part of the squad is Epitácio “TACO” de Melo, who is currently playing for Godsent. It is unknown who the new fifth player might be.

The rumblings of a reunion come shortly after FalleN was released from Team Liquid alongside Jake “Stewie2K” Yip. The duo was dropped following a disappointing 1-3 performance at the PGL Stockholm Major.

What happened to MIBR?

MIBR lost its roster in 2020 due to a conflict between the players and the team’s parent company.

In September 2020, MIBR announced that it was set to deactivate TACO and fer after a string of poor results. This prompted FalleN to step down from the team. MIBR tried to rebuild around the remaining two players but ultimately chose to release them and start anew a few months later.

Each of the MIRB players went their separate ways after the debacle.

fer was left in limbo for an extended period of time following the dissolution of the MIBR roster. He bounced between various teams as a stand-in through late 2020 and into 2021. He is currently attached to the 00 Nation roster, which is a subsidiary of Nordavind. 

coldzera seemingly left Brazilian CSGO behind in 2019 after an ugly divorce from MIBR. Following several months on MIBR’s bench, he was transferred to FaZe Clan where he enjoyed mixed results. coldzera’s time with FaZe came to an awkward end in 2021 as the team leaned on him for in-game leadership, a role he was openly uncomfortable with.

fnx has effectively been a journeyman since 2017 when he left SK Gaming. The 17-year veteran has played with a variety of Brazilian teams but hasn’t enjoyed the same sort of success his former teammates have had. He last competed for Imperial Esports, but is currently signed to Paqueta Gaming.

Who could join FalleN, fer, and coldzera on the new team?

It’s uncertain who the fifth player on the team might be if the rumors of the old crew getting back together are legitimate. 

TACO and Godsent have been performing reasonably well despite the team suffering an early elimination from the PGL Stockholm Major. The team is in a position where it could grow into a tier-one competitor in the Americas CSGO scene. Anything is possible, but it seems unlikely that TACO would leave Godsent behind to reunite with his former teammates given their own struggles.

Stewie2K may also be a possibility, as he was a part of the resurrected MIBR brand’s inaugural roster. If Stewie2K he is still technically a part of Team Liquid he may have a large transfer fee attached to his contract that would nix the possibility unless the new roster finds a large organizational sponsor willing to foot the bill.

Past that, there are plenty of skilled Brazilian CSGO players that are attached to smaller teams that could be added.


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