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Fade can hang enemies from the ceiling with this Split lineup

By Fariha Bhatti


May 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fade is turning out to be a menace a few weeks after her release and this new lineup on the Split B site proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Valorant’s latest recruit she excels at pausing pushes. While she can be played without learning any lineups, players are finding some very effective ones for highly trafficked locations. The terrifying initiator has an edge over top intelligence gatherers with her abilities to lock down and track enemies.

While players had expected Fade to be a meta-destroyer, no one saw her being able to toy with enemies using her unique rubberband pull.

A Valorant player shared an interesting tactic using Fade’s rope knot. The Q ability can tether enemies, decaying and deafening them. The rope ball has a unique rubberband effect that swings enemies back and forth from the ceiling. It’s hilarious and deadly, and many believe it’s an intentional mechanic.

When Fade tosses her Q ability, it can get stuck on the hollow roof of B main. This means that the beast on the rope can spot enemies as they’re in clear sight. The rubber bands catch them when they’re visible, restricting enemies’ movement. The vulnerable enemies then sway back and forth, becoming an easy target for the defenders.

It’s a highly viable lineup if done correctly. To pull it off, the skill must be used quickly at the beginning of the round so it can catch anyone stepping inside B-lobby. Fade may want to have someone holding close to the Split B site in order to eliminate vulnerable attackers while setting up this lineup. So, it requires time management and coordination. But it’s worth the effort as it can net as many as five kills.

This lineup can also be paired with a flashbang to secure those kills. It’s recommended to have a flasher hold the offensive B-main angle. For example, Yoru and Fade can flawlessly execute this setup, locking down B in the first few seconds of the round.

Is Fade a good agent in Valorant?

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Fade has proven to be a deadly addition to the rather laid-back initiator lineup. Her offensive kit, paired with intel-gathering equipment, makes her a viable pick on almost all maps. However, she shines the most on large locations with minimal choke points. When enemies have fewer corners to hide behind, they’re more vulnerable to Fade’s schemes.

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