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Factors that affect esports growth in 2023

By William Davis


Jun 17, 2023

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Esports started like many competitive sports: little attention from brand sponsors, a small fan base, and disorganized franchises and leagues. Over the years, however, esports has grown to become a billion-dollar sport. And this didn’t happen by chance.

The esports community made tremendous efforts in growing the industry. They supported esports because it’s one of the most entertaining competitions in the world, full of high-stakes tournaments, dynamic teams to watch, and fun games to play. 

Esports is a competitive and accessible

Most esports fans have come across this question. Why watch someone play video games when you could also play the same games? The short answer is that esports is a sport, just like football, basketball, tennis, or hockey. Fans are watching people compete at the top level, showcasing skills you can only dream of. 

It’s an exciting scene with more than 300 million fans. Similar to traditional sports, esports has leagues, franchises, and competitions. Fans can watch FIFA23 competitions if they love soccer. Or they can focus on Fortnite tournaments if they’re more into the battle royale. Like traditional sports, it’s watching people compete at a high level and wait with shaking hands to see who comes out on top. 

However, esports has several differences from traditional sports. It involves playing video games on expensive computers. Fans can watch a competition in person, but most people watch online through their TVs, smartphones, and computers.

Esports involves no physical contact with your opponent, and gamers don’t need to be particularly athletic. But they need to be talented. In fact, esports is so competitive that most pro gamers have a short career of three or fewer years.

Video games are easily accessible to everyone. With online games, all one needs is a smartphone and reliable access to the Internet. Fans could watch a Counter-Strike tournament taking place in Toronto while sitting at home in South Africa. Video games also fueled the growth of different types of online gaming, such as the best Bitcoin casino sites.


One of the best aspects of esports is that it’s inclusive. Teenagers can watch and play video games—the 2019 Fortnite World Cup winner, Kyle Giersdorf, was a 16-year-old. He took home $3 million.

On Twitch, esports players and fans come from all regions of the world. There’s a streamer from almost every country. The majority of them come from North America, Europe, and Asia. But some also live in the Middle East, South America, and Africa.

A wide range of quality games

People love esports because it provides quality entertainment. If esports were a boring sport, it would collapse immediately. Now, not every video game is entertaining.

But with so many options, it’s fairly easy to find an esports game for anyone. For example, those who like traditional sports find a sports simulation game like FIFA23, NBA 2K, Madden Football, or WWE 2K. For lovers of multiplayer games, there is an endless list of options. From League of Legends and Valorant to Rocket League and Overwatch—nearly every online game has a multiplayer option in 2023.

Mobile gaming

Contrary to popular belief, mobile gaming is bigger than both esports and PC gaming. Roughly 60% of the world plays online games through their iPhones and Android smartphones. Due to that, there has been plenty of interest from publishers and investors. Companies like Apple, Konami, and Tencent spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to create mobile games.

The investments are not in vain. Mobile gaming is a fast-growing niche in the esports arena. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile have tournaments that payout millions of dollars to winners.

Tremendous moneymaking opportunities

It’s estimated that almost 10 million people stream gaming content on Twitch every month. Most of them have no followers and make no money. However, a small fraction of streamers generate tens of thousands monthly by playing video games. Many of them live comfortably from their streaming income.

But, most streamers don’t rely on their Twitch income alone. They also stream content on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Moreover, they act as influencers—meaning they make money by endorsing brands. Beyond streaming, the esports industry provides career opportunities for pro gamers, developers, bloggers, managers, marketers, and accountants.


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