FACEIT ECS Season 7 returns to Twitch following YouTube exclusivity

Olivia Richman • March 13, 22:07

After community input, the Esports Championship Series has announced that its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league will no longer be a YouTube exclusive.

After spending the last four seasons streaming only on YouTube, Season 7 will also be broadcast on Twitch.

“The community has made it clear to us that Twitch is important to them as viewers, so we’re delighted to be able to offer them access to ECS on that platform,” said FACEIT CBO Michele Attisani.

crowd at ecs

FACEIT gets a facelift

FACEIT streaming on YouTube and Twitch marks the first time that the ECS has taken a non-exclusive approach to tournament viewing.

Esports fans are excited to see the CS:GO tournament back on Twitch, which hasn’t been a viewing option since Season 2. Other broadcast partners include Imba TV in China, Russia’s Starladder, Fantasy Expo in Poland, and Black Molly in Sweden.

“ECS has broken records for CS:GO viewership on YouTube, and now opening up our distribution gives the community more choices on how they watch their favorite teams compete,” Attsani said.

With the new streaming platforms come other new changes aimed at engaging and rewarding viewers. FACEIT will be running point drops for spectators, as well as other yet unrevealed reward initiatives.

“Season 7 has seen a number of changes to the format and viewing options to ensure we create exciting, engaging, and entertaining content,” Attisani said.

FACEIT remains a fan favorite

The ECS Season 7 regular season has an announced prize pool of $250,000. The season finale at the SSE Arena on June 6 will have another $500,000 on the line.

With 20 teams competing across two regions, ECS is one of the most watched CS:GO tournaments. The first three series in each region are winner-take-all qualifiers, with the top teams advancing straight to the ECS Season 7 Finals.

Astralis and FaZe Clan have already proven their skills in the European competition, while Rogue has been dominating the first North American bracket. 


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