Eye Candy could be the next answer in the fight for gamers’ eye health

Jared Wynne • February 26, 00:07

Gamers the world over are learning to take their health more seriously, as fitness has become a staple of top professional teams’ habits. This has led to new areas of focus, including one that might be more important than any other for competing players.

The acknowledgement of physical wellness impacting performance has been long overdue. Now that top teams such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Astralis are so emphasizing fitness and seeing that emphasis reflected in their results, other teams and players have begun following suit.

There are obvious ways of pursuing health and wellness for competing players. A healthier diet, an active exercise regimen, and even just making a point of walking away from the screen can all contribute to better play patterns and greater endurance.

But no matter how far away from the screen players get, they must eventually return to it. The eye strain created by long-term exposure to screens can lead to obvious effects including headaches and sleeplessness, but there are also potential long-term considerations that players are now taking on.

But if being in front of a screen for prolonged periods of time is an inevitability for competitors, what can they do to protect against the potential negative effects?

One answer may come in the form of Eye Candy, a new product for Gamer Advantage, a company that is emphasizing eye health for gamers.

Eye Candy is a nutritional supplement that is designed to protect against the negative effects of prolonged screen time. It’s a big ask, but Gamer Advantage touts the products two key ingredients: lutein and zeaxanthin, a pair of antioxidants.

The effects of these nutrients impact the eye directly, helping to keep users’ eyes sharp and protecting against degradation. Lutein specifically is not a naturally occurring substance in the body, meaning that the only way one can benefit from it is by adding it to one’s diet.

Taking a supplement is not an instant fix, and balance around screen time is also important. But nutritional supplements such as Eye Candy may be the next big step forward in helping competing players to stay healthy in the long-term even as they subject themselves to many hours of screen time.


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