Explaining the best way to build Jinx in LoL Season 10

By Marta Juras


Jan 13, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Jinx is one of the easiest marksmen to pick up and play. Her abilities are simple and straightforward, her attack speed makes farming easy from the first minutes of the game, and she even has some crowd control.

Building Jinx isn’t much different from the standard ADC build. However, sticking to the same build over and over again regardless of the direction the game going on is not a good idea. This is why it’s important to understand not only which items suit Jinx well, but also why they suit her.

Let’s take a look at Jinx’s standard build, as well as the Stormrazor option.

Starter items & First buy

Doran’s Blade – A simple starting item for most ADCs, Doran’s Blade gives a bit more attack damage, health, and lifesteal, all three with the goal of an easier early game. Given that Jinx is not the strongest early game champion with only Doran’s Blade and Health Potion, players should be looking to safely farm, taking advantage of potions and lifesteal to survive trades.

B.F. Sword – Once a player has farmed up 1675 gold, it’s time to go back and grab B.F. Sword along with Boots of Speed and a Control Ward. While B.F. Sword only boosts Jinx’s attack, it allows her to start fighting and makes last hitting easier. Besides, the sword builds to five different items including Infinity Edge and Stormrazor, allowing the player to decide on the course of their build by the time a new chunk of gold is collected again.

Standard Jinx build

Infinity Edge – Jinx shines with critical hits, so Infinity Edge is a logical course of her build. The item provides more attack damage along with a 25% increase in critical strike chance. Its passive also increases the damage of critical strikes by 25%, giving Jinx the power she needs to start bursting enemies down. With Infinity Edge equipped, players can start feeling more secure in trades, although Jinx still needs attack speed to truly be a force.

Rapid Firecannon – The firecannon adds up on the missing attack speed, given it increases it by 30%. It also gives more critical strike chance and movement speed, with its passive boosting attacks to give more range, allowing the ADC to stay at a safe distance while bursting enemies down. As Jinx’s Pow-Pow already attacks very fast, it’s easy to utilize energized attacks from Rapid Firecannon.

Runaan’s Hurricane – The build continues with the same idea. Jinx is always hungry for more critical strikes and attack speed, both of which Runnan’s gives. Wind’s Fury, the item’s passive, adds additional bolts to auto attacks, the most important form of attack for Jinx. With splash damage from Fishbones, Jinx now has fast waveclear, and strong teamfight potential. Runaan’s Hurricane truly takes out the best from Jinx.

Berserker’s Greaves – Besides bonus movement speed, Berserker’s Greaves give 35% more attack speed, which additionally amplifies Jinx’s strength.

Stormrazor Jinx build

For players that don’t feel confident heading into early fights with Infinity Edge, as it’s a purely offensive item, Stormrazor is a great option to buy ahead of it. Trading off critical strike damage for Stormrazor’s Paralyze, a passive that provides a slow effect on energized basic attacks, places Jinx in a safer position.

Since Jinx still needs to focus on critical strikes to be able to burst enemies down, Stormrazor is a good option only for the first, full item, after which the build will continue to focus on more damage and attack speed. Infinity Edge shouldn’t be overlooked in this case either, and should be built right after Stormrazor and Rapid Firecannon.